Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Harsh.TV Features The Very Talented ***Dewey***

Corin Sanders a.k.a Dewey was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he currently still resides today. Born in the 80's where times wasn't good, but also getting harder with the gangs and crack moving into Oklahoma City. Dewey's Father died when he was 7 years old and was raised by his Mother and Grandparents. Dewey Father “Baby Love” was a talented local artist that was on the road to being signed to a major label, but Baby Love passed before he could sign his record contract. Dewey often went to the studio with his father as a young boy and that’s where he fell in love with music. Dewey taught his self to play the Drums, but took lessons as a small boy to learn other instruments such as the Viola and the Piano. Dewey was influenced by many artists through the years but the two main artists that influenced him the most was Al Green and Marvin Gaye.
Dewey started singing at his grandparents Church in 1994, Then in 2005 Dewey started singing with the group called “LOC ASSOCIATES” and started performing in local Venues and Clubs such as Déjà vu, Bricktown Live, Bora Bora and many different other places in the state of Oklahoma and Texas. His first live show was opening up for E-40 at Club Deja Vu in Oklahoma City. Dewey starred and shined on the LOC Associates Mixtape Vol #1 What iz it with hit singles like "She Wanna Be With Me, Incredible, Life Is Crazy, Good Intentions, & more...
Dewey also started his solo career as a musician, and collabing with many artist, and Producers here in Oklahoma. Dealing with the streets Dewey had a minor set back in his music career when he had to go to prison. With the prison time done Dewey really focused on this music career, and took the hustling ability into his career.
has surpassed just being a singer/songwriter, and moved to engineering his/others music, rapping, shooting photographs, and shooting videos. Dewey has continued to work on his career, and being asked to open for several other very well known Artists. Dewey has also taken the knowledge, connections, and services to other artist that don't have the these same opportunities . Dewey has became $tylz right had man since they expanded LOC Associates, and started LOC Associates Entertainment. In 2013 Dewe will be releasing his first solo album called “All Of Me”.
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LOC Associates Entertainment LLC.

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