Wednesday, 20 February 2013

ESC Social Media Management and Advertising

Electric Social Club are a Social Media Management and Advertising company, specialising in creating content that is shared person to person with the ultimate goal of creating your very own self contained world, a living and breathing phenomenon bypassing record labels, fashion houses and anyone else who has been hand picking the next big thing.
The gates are open; no one controls the scenes anymore. No need for radio, magazines, publishing print and TV. Everyone now has influence and the stars of the future can pop up from anywhere.
Electric Social Club is the first one-stop shop for top draw social media presence. Management of your social network profiles, viral video production, world-class web analytics, 3D motion websites and a devious attitude to create campaigns that push the ethical as well as creative boundaries.
Backed and mentored by one of the worlds leading social media gurus esc are always ahead of the ever changing landscape of this social game.

Twitter: @esocialclub

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