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Harsharan Landa A Fashion  & Accessory Designer who has a great love for life and Music she says 'That music is not only the soundtrack to her life, But  the inspiration for much of her Designs'.

The extraordinary are those who go further than the rest in order to be the greatest in their craft. She is tormented with dreams of excellence that will carve her name in history. It is excellence that fuels her spirit. Immense in originality, distinguished in design, and eternity is her limitation. Vast are her concepts and the fashion globe will yield to the name, Harsharan Landa.
Newham, East London would start the beginning of the fashion majesty. The root is from her Late Grandfather who made clothes and bags for many retailers. Such skills were passed down to her mother. Inspiration commenced at the age of four, creating a pair of paper slippers. As her mother would make her own suits, a five-year-old Harsharan would copy her, whilst wearing her necklace made from toilet paper. 1985 witnessed hand sewn T-Shirts and other special clothes for the 7 year olds toy dolls. By 9, she was knitting scarves during knitting club after school. 365 days later she added pottery and art club to her young busy schedule.
Before attending secondary school, she was taught how to crochet by her mother and grandmother. However, her new art teacher would be the one to usher her destiny. Mrs Armstrong pushed Harsharan to apply for London College Of Fashion, while she applied for A Levels in Art, Psychology and Media studies at her local college. Her applications for A Levels were rejected but news sped through her secondary school as she received unconditional acceptance at London College of Fashion. Their she specialised in embroidery on her Btec National Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology. Whilst working three jobs to pay her fees, she moved on to the Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology and graduated for a second time with her BA (hons) in Design Technology for the Fashion Industry.
6 GCSE’s 2 A levels and 2 Degrees were more than enough qualifications to work under Julian McDonald. Their she designed and sewed the embroidery on the pink dress made famous by Kelly Brook.
In addition she sewed the sequins on a dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and became a runner at Julianâ’s Millennium Dome show. She kindly turned down the offer for Julianâ’s forthcoming spice girls project, and did four months of pattern cutting for Louis De Garma.
Harsharan’s has since then grace the catwalk along side Ruff Ryders Clothing at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show, Topshop granted her with her own concession, which constantly sold out, with some of the items featured in ˜Pride Magazine. Styling became another part of her expertise as her clients included Asian Woman Magazine and recording Artist Makila and girl group, Charlie, Eneeks, Skin Teet Jones, Ryz Hope  as well as orders from personal clients.
October is usually known as Londons dedicated month to fighting against breast cancer. It was no stranger to Harsharan, who is very passionate about supporting as many Charities as she can, she teamed up with long time designer and friend Chinyere Eze, to put on a fashion show at the prestigious 57 Jermyn Street. The star studied event was a delightful success, which raised money for breast cancer and gave celebrities a taste of what to expect from the Lady of all things stylish. She has also raise £1700 for Children In Need by showing her I dare you Collection for spring summer as well as putting on another Fashion show for The Charity Scope to help keep the local shop stay open after 25 years, she also in the same week done a charity Walk for Alzihma’s  as her Grandmother whom she is very close to has this sad disease.

Harsharan has also sold over 100 Couture bags at Notting Hill Portobello Road, South London’s Hush and North Londons Resurrection.
In 2003 she meet record producer David  Howell aka ‘Skin Teet Jones’, at a charity fundraising company, the two became close friends. They Naturally acknowledged and respected each other’s drive and passion, and similarities for their chosen professions. This strongly perceived link allowed them to design a logo for their new clothing line ˜Harsh.
They initiated their first Fashion and Music experience, Harsh Reality on February 18th 2004, during London Fashion Week, at the exclusive Bar/ Cinema known as ˜The Rex.
The immense success allowed them to bring the same experience to Toast in Hampstead, and High Street Kensington The Roof Gardens. To assist them was stylist Chinyere Eze and like-minded illustrious shoe designer ˜Maria Evripidou.
The success was sealed as Harsharan and David formed ˜Howell 2B Harsh Ltd, a partnership that will umbrella Harsh and they’re soon to be prosperous businesses. Their studio was acquired, and the enormity of their inventions lay behind these studio doors.

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