Here at Harsh.TV Myself and The Harsh.TV Team would like to personally Share A Few Testimonials With you all, From Our Artist.  We would also like to Thank you All for  being Apart of The Harsh.TV 'Making Music Move Experience'
So Here are the Testimonies in their own Words 

''We would like to Share this with you Harsharan  (Harsh TV) 
With your amazing help and promotion we made it !!!!!
Happiest days of our lives !!! We got it !!! So many thanks to our supporters FOR the MP3 Music Award !!!!!
We are The Winners of Best Unsigned Artist for The Mp3 2011 Awards''

This is ya boi $tylz LOC Associate Entertainment CEO, and I want to reach out to say thanks for the support from Harsh.Tv. What started as a business opportunity/networking has turned into a family connection of love and support. Since LOC Associates Entertainment connected with Harsh.TV, we have acquired a distribution contract, radio play, international notice, new friends, family, artist, and our business has improved. So thanks for everything! We are blessed to have our international family at Harsh.TV.
$tylz LOC Associates Entertainment CEO
LOC Associates Entertainment LLC.

Connecting with House Music Industry. Harsharan Landa (Harsh TV- UK) connected me with a DJ in Chicago who wanted to do a House Remix to “Number One” by Jas. He liked that song. This Remix already hit 2 known clubs in Chi-town ( Evita ) and Haoman 17 is a chain of nightclubs in Israel. Haoman 17 in Jerusalem has been rated one of the top night clubs in the world.  he said “it rocked”. Other DJ’s now want it. This weekend it will hit 8 clubs. Soon to hit radio and he will shop it in UK. I already sent it to our friends at Harsharan TV (UK). Harsharan Landa loves it and can’t wait to expose it at their clubs. This producer connects music for US, UK, and Israel to name a few.

Thank you very much for your interest in my career and music!
I continue working on it and have now set up a paypal link on my website to buy my Indie CD " Dreamin'", it is now available and will be shipped with the utmost respect to make sure that it is received in perfect condition! I thank Harsh.TV and everyone who is showing an interest in my success! I also invite everyone to my website and hope that you enjoy my Indie CD! Take care and god bless! P.S. I have been checking out my interview as well as the rest of the site through my link and think that Harsh.TV is quite an awesome site for everyone, as well I have been telling everyone about this site and your continued support!
David Guitard 

Harsharan - you were one of the first to recognize Andrew's (band: IN SPACE) talent and it really touched me. You can't imagine how appreciative both Andrew and Cory were when they read the wonderful review you gave on their GREED EP and everything you have done for them as we've both followed their progress. You are always sending new opportunities out to us and sending emails requesting support for your various artists to all of your members!  We really feel like we have somebody in our court, and we actually do!  If I mail you new information, it's up on your website almost immediately. I don't know how you do it? We're in Los Angeles and you're in London!  Thank you, Harsharan, for your continued support. It's wonderful - the impact you make on people's lives.
Ava Corinne
Representing "IN SPACE"

"We really appreciate Harsharan's enthusiasm, support, energy, and
positive attitude. She tirelessly promotes what she believes in, and
we're so fortunate to have her in our corner!"

Lisa Cohn, PR,

Since Harsh .TV  gave me the chance to Blog on a weekly Basis it as allowed me to speak my mind about the music business the good bad and ugly truth  that I and many artists like myself have gone through and hope it is informative enough to help others along the way! In addition this blog as allowed me to get airplay on Urban ♥ Heartbeat 93.3 FM ♫♪
thanks to Harsh.TV!
It as also allowed me to gain new fans along the way thanks Harsh.TV keep up the good work and happy holidays''

I have dealt personally with Harsharan, and I have found her very creative, extremely kind and supportive.
Her passion for music and art and her open minded approach is a great benefit for independent artists looking for opportunities and willing to find more online exposure. 
The same day after sending my music links to Harsharan, she surprised me with a full page on Harsh.TV official website, featuring my music project and recommending me as Producer to 50,000 people.

I recommend Harsharan and the Harsh.TV Team to everyone.
Best Regards,
Sara Fuga aka SistaSara

With pleasure Harsharan,Harsh tv has really done a lot for me.it has given me alot of exposure and has taken my music all over the world.Harsh tv has opened so many doors for me ,right now Im meeting alot of professionals and discussing how to take the music to the next level ,thank you harsh tv for everything.
Rayon Allen

2011 has been a wonderful year!  But the real highlight was finding Harsharan Landa on Linkedin.  Harsharan invited Angie Blue Music for an interview and then extended that invitation to a weekly blogspot.  
"Harsharan's support for my music has been second to none, and I believe the music industry is a far better place with Harsharan Landa at the side of all unsigned artists, may she continue to do her great work well into 2012 and beyond."
Thank you Harsharn for being a top Music Industry treasure, a great find, and a true friend.  I will continue to keep you informed on all things 'Beyond Angie Blue'.
Have prosperous new year!
Angie xx

Harsh TV has helped us no end. Not only have the website published some info on us and our all website details on which people can find us on....they have also published an interview we had with them on their site....which has resulted in more great exposure for us, which we would have otherwise not have had! 
They have been very hepful and friendly....and since we had the interview published....they have kept in touch and passed information of other good opportunities that we may be interested in for our promotions. 
Great work Harsh TV! 
Many thanks
Rusty G's

I would like to thank all at Harsharan and The Harsh.TV Team for their help and encouragement throughout 2011 and I know that they will indeed continue to be a blessing to all and increase in that blessing in 2012.
Thankyou from me Joseph Beggs Evangelist Singer/ Songwriter with your help in featuring and promoting the videos and songs that the Lord has gifted me to write and sing and know that through your help many precious souls in this world have been encouraged in their time of need.
God bless you and have a blessed 2012
joseph beggs

''HarshTV is more than a cutting edge fashion and lifestyle blog - it's a platform where musicians and creative minds in general can get their work seen and their voice heard. As filmmakers, we have found HarshTV both useful and informative. When we need a soundtrack for an upcoming project, Harsharan is always happy to push her artists forward and promote them also outside HarshTV. In addition to that, she often features our best projects enhancing our visibility with witty commentaries and enjoyable blog articles. I would definitely recommend HarshTV to any artist looking to promote their work to a sympathetic, open-minded, multicultural audience.''

Lara Celenza
Kalifilm Productions 

This is that dude $tylz Founder, & CEO with L.O.C Associates Entertainment.  I want to personally thank Harsharan Landa, & her crew at Harsh.TV for all the support, the knowledge,  and help they have giving us at L.O.C Associates Entertainment.  Harsharan Landa and the Harsh.TV crew are very hard workers, & professional.  I'm a hard worker with my company and no matter what time I email Harsharan Landa with a question, an update with L.O.C Associates Entertainment, an update on my artist... Harsharan Landa gets it done and takes care of business.  

L.O.C Associates Entertainment 

''Harsharan and those who work for her are true benefactors to independent musicians.
I met her by a response through LinkedIn where she had posted a request for musicians to contact her for exposure on her website.
She immediately posted a blog with links to all of my web pages with music posted on them.  
She has since posted one of my online music stores  for several weeks on her site, one of my video's and another story about one of my CD's.    
She has done all of this out of kindness and generosity, and has become a true friend. One whom I hope that I can be of help.
Her name may be "Harsh" but her spirit definitely is not.
With the utmost respect.Kerry Engle'' 

Thank you for thinking of us! Your help and support for Jerique Allan & his music is above and beyond the norm! We appreciate your promotional tools and the chance to share great music worldwide….

Thanks again from the V10 family!!

Description: V10 Signature

Kathryn Johnson

Harsharan Landa's Harsh.TV has been absolutely amazing in terms of providing networking opportunities. I value their service and think they are great for anyone in the music or fashion industry.
A very innovative website and a great way to build a fan base !!!!!!!!!!

"Harsharan Landa and all of harsh tv have just amazed me and inspired me to work harder at my goals as a artist. The speed in which they get back to me and the time and effort that they put in when looking at my work just puts a smile on my face. The range of topics and interviews they have on there blog is outstanding and there commitment to quality tells me a lot, it tells me what a all round class outfit they are and I hope to continue working with them in the future. You are what you eat and if I eat harsh tv? I am gonna get stronger and STRONGER! Any artist looking for promotion look no further than harsh tv, I for one can't wait to see what they have in store for 2012!"


" I am very thankful for Harsh.TV, they have supported my music by featuring songs also videos with thousands upon thousands of viewers who are looking for emerging new talent that they honestly feel is deserving to be exposed to the world of new music & fashion seeking people.  They are gracious and professional, treating my with the highest sincere love and respect, I wish them success in all their future projects, and feel very grateful for all they have done for me.
Blessed Love,


"Harsh.TV has helped Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society getting additional exposure troughout the band's music and social network and brought us new fans along the way."

"Its communities like this with their passion for the industry and genuine support for the people involved that make all the difference to keeping small bands like us having faith in what we're doing. Info, resources and kind words, what more do you need?"

''I would love to thank Harsh.tv for the chance to get heard by do many and it help me market my single 


''Harsh TV has been very supportive of my music career! I appreciate your help and look forward to sharing more of my music and videos with you in the future. Thank you and keep up the good work!''


Managing Director, COM Entertainment Ltd
Are You Down With Zuby?

Written By Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Producer/Partner Farmboy Records

''I couldn't tell you when it all began I can only tell you what your going to get when you evolve HarshTv. 
First of all HarshTV is a brand an soon to be a corporation HarshTV eat and sleep perfection, collaboration and a strive towards ambition. It doesn't matter what you do. Music, fashion,art etc if you can share your dream with harshTV they will direct your dream into avenues that's your sources are unable to reach. I have been doing this for years and have never seen a support network with so much diversity. 
Now on a personal level with all the above taken into Consideration HarshTV and Farmboy Records sing from the same song sheet. We have equally forwarded contacts and ideas in both directions uk and worldwide. Everything I send to HarshTV is instantly blogged and updated for fans etc. the level of professionalism that HarshTV provide is indeed 2nd-2-none

I'm not one for wasting my time and I wouldn't waste yours but I will say this. If you haven't followed,subscribed,made contact with HarshTV. Remember this. No one remembers who came second in a championship.''

Signing Of

'Harsh.tv have given me the confidence and self belief to take my music further. They have tried to establish many opportunities for me as an artist and continue to support my music by featuring it to their wide audience. I can't thank them enough for their support'
Rebecca Music


This is Centric and I wanna thank Harsh TV for bringing my sound to a broader audience. As a producer the hardest thing is to find artist that match perfect with the style and sound I wanna project. With the attention I got from Harsht TV I was able to bring more artists and visiblity to myself. I wish you nothing but success with what you're doing. The last thing I wanna say is keep up the great work and vibrant spirit you have every time we see you on your website. Thanks a millioooooooooon''

"Harsh.TV has definitely opened doors and allowed musicians to reach a wider audience. I believe musicians looking for collaborations could find prospects here."
Nicholas Wu

''Gotta show love where it is deserved. Big ups 2 HarshTv 4 being so giving 2 me and my team. We more than appreciate u and look 4ward 2 what your future holds. Salute+
J.Crist ''


''Testimonial from Science of the Lamps:

'Genuinely passionate about music and doing their utmost to promote and encourage artists''



''My name is Nabil Mouniri, I'm in Paris
 I am agent of artists Dj producer AUDIODISH (house, progressive and minimum), the group Bantunani (funky afro) , compositeurs (hip hop) and Drico (mc)

I met thanks to harshtv résau Linkied pro, I saw that harsharan helpeddifferent actors in the scene Artis meet (singer, label etc. etc.)

I contacted Harsharan and forth we be on the home page of the siteharshtv.

And later sent me harsharan opportunity for my career artist DjAUDIODISH.

Big respect and Dedications of Paris HARSH.TV''

This is Keirus Muniton a.k.a Mr. 168 365 follow @keirusmuniton google me I'm out here Keirus like my Facebook fan page keirus watch on YouTube.com/keirus6
Facebook.com/muniton but get promoted to 80,000+ thru Harsh.tv where they show love to the unsigned and talented artists around the world-168 #ReasonNot2Doubt!!coming soon!!

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