Friday, 27 November 2015

Music Awards do they still serve a purpose? Written by the very Talented Paul Bailey

Music Awards do they still serve a purpose?

I have always been intrigued by awards shows from the Grammy's to the Academy awards.
As a youth always wondering what it is like to win one of those things. The industries
sure made a big deal out of them....winning is everything or so it seems!
Some of my favorite artists have never one a Grammy or any particular award
does that mean there no good? I agree an award is validation for years of hard
work but I also believe appreciation respect and approval from followers/Fans
is it's own reward!

I think when it comes to music awards I have always like the idea of 
receiving a gold or platinum disc for sales in the millions as a great achievement 
over the Grammies. Now don't get me wrong a Grammy is for industry respect
while that is great I have never fantasized about winning one. The real award
is from the fans they showing you love whether it be by coming to your shows
or buying your albums just supporting you in everything you do even a shoulder
to cry on when you need one is a great reward.

It can leave a bitter resentment in your mouth for not winning one or even getting
a nomination. Why do these industries have to have awards anyways
they create jealousy and envy and as much as we say were not haters we do hate 
on those we feel don't deserve the award. Most of the media who covers these events
only seem to care about who is wearing what does anybody care about the awards show

I guess they are still relevant for those who care on that note here is an award
Stay blessed and keep keeping on!

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