Friday, 6 February 2015

Harsh.TV Features The very talented Jay Thehitmaker

I go by Jay TheHitmaker i'm a female producer/engineer from columbus ohio im 23 years old. Ive been producing for about 6 years now i fell in love with music at a young age i performed on stage in elementary school but at that time i didnt know music was what i was really destined for i got back into music when i was around 20 years old an ex had introduced me to fl stuidio and since then its been history. Ive had several indie placements even had the pleasure of having gangsta boo on one of my beats. i make hip hop and rnb beats i make what i usually listen too. Some of my goals are just to get more placements network more and to just work with more dope artists. im trying to build an empire i have an independent label and i also want to start a production company.what ive learned so far with doing music is to have patience everything happens when its suppose too and not a minute sooner. 


TWITTER - @_jaayrossmusic_

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