Saturday, 27 September 2014

An Alaska MC Update!

It may have been wet weather for this year's
London Carnival but in the world of Bass Bullies
the sun is always shining, and you know it's a
lyrical shower down when these two kings are

Let Loose is the latest monster anthem from the
dynamic duo of veteran MCs Navigator and
Alaska, uniting to bring their vision of real party
music to the world with the help of Simplistix,
Spankers, DJ D-Steal, KL2, Rod Justice, Benny
Kane and Jay Cross providing a range of mixes to
cover all basses and ensure maximum exposure
on the global party circuit, covering EDM, electro,
trap, breakz, big room house and more.

With a series of colourful high-energy videos to
match, Let Loose is a slice of sunshine through
your speakers bringing the street heat of Carnival
to the screen and establishing Bass Bullies as a
new force in club culture bass we
trust, everybody let loose!!

*Catch the SEEK PEEK NOW:

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