Monday, 7 April 2014

We are back! with Jobs Available

Jobs Available and Competition Update

We are back! with Jobs Available

We have founded a company that will now support the charity!

You can see the website with previous and current clients here ->

And we are hiring!

If you need any of the services on the website or you know someone who does - you can get a job out of it!

We will provide the donation-based services that the charity offers through the company and this will enable us to continue the free services of the charity!

We are offering:
music consultancy, website design, social media management, digital marketing, mixing and mastering, audio post production for film and TV, production, remixing, promotion

Job title: Sales Account Manager

Job description:
We are looking for people that need our services or know people who do in any industry.

You will get
the chance to be involved in projects with over 500.000 listens/downloads
a supportive company with over 200.000 people in the promotional network
access to international distribution and promotion
25% commission on all first sales/contracts and 10% on any extensions of contracts and extras per customer
every 10 contracts/clients you bring in - you get a free service to use for you!
the feeling you did good by helping support a non-profit organisation
a personal e-mail for you to work from

What you will be doing:
acquire and manage an array of clients
make sure they are satisfied with the services received and are within service-level agreement
negotiate and re-negotiate contracts and extensions to services as well as requirements

If you are interested in working for us or know any artists, bands and record labels - this is a job for you!

Competition + update!

We will be continuing the competition throughout April and May - to locate an amazing artist that will be promoted and distribuited through our new network of clients as well.

You can see previous projects/clients on our new website

We've decided to do a competition with the funding we have left and help another artist with even more!

We will be putting a MIXING, MASTERING AND PROMOTION/PR PACKAGE  (over £1200/$2000 value) up for grabs!

This is normally a donation-based service and includes:

Analogue Mixing/Mastering session - £150 value
Direct Promotion on our social network channels for A MONTH (over 200.000 people) - £300 value
Direct Feature on our website/blog for A MONTH (100-200 website views per day) - £150 value
Design for cover for the single - £100 value
Placement of the single and international distribution on iTunes/Beatport/Spotify etc and all the major online networks - £50 value

Plus all the below - each promoted on our social networks as well:

Online review of the track with feature on the website/Youtube (1000+ subscriber channel) - £100 value
Blog feature on our websites (distributed to over 50 social media networks) - £100 value
Press Pack e-mail written to feature the track and artist/band with logo - £200 value

How to enter/conditions:

1. You need to record/create an original track of any genre that is not available for download/preview online

2. You need to be able to provide the adequate parts of the track (stems) for each instrument/channel/voice as separate channels in -6db analogue export format. Please look at this tutorial if you don't know how to export:

3.You need to forward this e-mail and CC in to at least 5 people that might be interested in the competition (making sure we can see how many people you sent it to) - the more people you send it to, the better chance you have!

Good Luck!
Find more about us below

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