Monday, 7 April 2014

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So this is my personal blog……

Oh What a beautiful morning….
So I’m at the office past noon when I write this.  I started the day at 5am, excited to do all things work related.  Showered, dressed all before 6am, and just about to partake in a mouthful of cereal.  Undergoing my seventh mouthful of bran flakes and the inevitable happens for a man who has just become a father.  My eight month old son wakes up.  During my breakfast prior to my new infant alarm, I happened to be flicking through images of my dream board.  The cars, the equipment, the yet to be achieved goals, stimulated my mind as I completed one ritual for the day.  Now my boy had awaken, my new rituals of getting him ready had taken over.
From dream board to morning chores…. 
In military precision, I have given him a bath, dried him in his Spider-man towel while the hoody on the towel dries his hair.  Greased his body in almond oil, applied his nappy, fixed him fresh bottle of milk, and prepared his Farleys Rusks.  He is in the high chair by six thirty as I feed him his Rusks.  During his feed, we watch my latest subscription updates via the YouTube app on the Xbox.  There’s only so much Cebeebies I can handle as an adult!  I finish feeding my son during the ”Sign Language” episode of Techchrunch’s Gillmore Gang.  By this time he has fallen asleep in my arms while drinking his milk.  It could be that the Gillmore Gang spent way too much time talking about the new Microsoft Office on ipad before getting to last weeks big news of Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift for two billion dollars.  Alas, I have learned a few things, and proceed to gently placing my son in his cot.  My boy is asleep next to my wife who is getting her well deserved sleep, after doing the night shift with our son.   
Now comes the household chores.  I wash the a pile of dishes that I promised to do the day before.  Mop the floor and the leather on the carpet using our newly purchased H2O X5 mop.  I steam the hell out of the sofa determined to eliminate a relentless milk stain, months after its origin.  The place is clean, and I head off to work as my wife wakes up.  I stop at the local job centre to pick up a form for my future employees. 
The Show Curse
I’m at the office at 9:40 and for the next few hours I am hit with the “show curse”.  The show curse is a term coined by my newest staff member.  It refers to when technology you own fails to work when demonstrating it to your peers.  In this particular instant, one computer fails to let me log in.  
I move the next one.   
The second computer decides to act like your most hated memory of a Windows PC.  Three minutes go by and no desktop screen, its still booting up.  
I draw for my laptop
I switch off both pcs and pull my laptop out of the bag.  Its an Asus Transformer Pad tf300.  I’m kind of getting into mode of work, but I’m not in my typical flow.  Websites are taking ages to load, apps are taking ages to display my content.  Everything is taking ages.  I’m starting to think its the temperamental android operating system.  The laptop keeps failing to hatch on to the office’s Wifi signal.  I’m starting to lose the little bit of work mode that I originally anticipated at 5am this morning.
I draw for my new laptop
Third times a charm, but this is now my forth attempt.  I rush back home to swap laptops.  Convinced that my android laptop is inferior for my working needs, I rush back to the office with my Macbook Pro.  Still smelling of NEW and FRESH, I’ve spent the past few days customising it to my working needs.  I immediately start working, but something is wrong.  Surely a new macbook is too powerful to entertain the word slow!  
The dreaded office wifi 
I realised that the office wifi is also a source to to stopping me to working.  The office administrater resets the router twice, and I’m still moving like a tortuous when I wanna be the hare!   Its manageable if I occasionally turn the wifi connection off and on within the laptop.  I start to think if only I could plug an Ethernet straight into the laptop, only the new macbook has scarified an Ethernet port for the sleek thinner look. 
Fifth times a charm!….
Disappointed at my wasted journey of swapping laptops.  Frustrated by a temperamental wifi signal.  I decided to move to another computer in the room, with one final condition: if this pc doesn’t work, I’m calling it a day.  To my surprise, all is good, and I’m off to my expected work flow.  I move on to whats next on my todo list and “start Skin Teet Jones tumblr” is now my target.  I almost move to another task, but decided my sluggish work day was a perfect start to a blog.
Welcome, I guess….
With that being said, this is the start to my personal blog.  Topics, anecdotes, opinions and views aside from the work I do at  I hope future posts will be as entertaining as this.  To end things with a positive stride, I’ll be introducing a soundtrack to each blogpost.  This one is Victory by Eneeks.  A song appropriate for finally getting into my flow of work.  Until then see you next time.
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