Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Check out your Exclusive Interview With The Silence

Q: Tell us about who you are and what you do?

A: I'm Livvy Griffiths, and I'm frontwoman of pop/rock band The Silence. So basically I sing and dance and

keep the other guys in line..

Q: Describe your music in 5 words

A: Dance around naked pop rock.

Q: Please give your fans 3 fun facts about you.

A: 1) I can do a fabulous Britney Spears impression.

 2) I once ate my goldfish when I was 2.

 3) The first time I ever got on stage it was during a competition,

 I forgot the words and the dance routine and ran off stage crying

 and came first place, because I was cute and dressed as a cloud.

 I never did another competition again.

Q: What makes your voice stand out from other artists?

A: I guess I can be pretty versatile with my voice, I can change it up to suit different songs and styles when I

need to, meaning I can

make it sultry, or I can keep it bouncy and light, I think that's a useful quality for a singer to have. I have

been told that there's

something different about my vocals that separates us from a lot of other pop/punk bands, and that's always

good to hear. Maybe it's because

I'm not American.

Q: Do you write your own material?

A: Yeah, we write all of our own material. We found a creative formula to songwriting that works for us, the

guys will come up with some music,

like a chord progression, a fun riff, a certain beat, and I will write my vocal lines and lyrics over the top, and

when we have a foundation

to our song, we'll develop it. It could take months until we're totally satisfied with a song, but that's one of

the best parts. As a musician you

should always be thinking about what more you can do to improve yourself and your music, I always tell

myself 'you're not the best you can be, keep going'.

Q: What are your current projects that you are working on?

A: Right now we're in preparation for our tour in May. We've got loads of projects lines up for the rest of

2014. We shoot the video to

our next single on the 18th, so we're all super excited for that and hitting the gym as much as we can! We've

got some pretty cool

festival slots and gigs for over the summer lined up too, so I guess you could say this is the calm before the

storm. In between

touring and gigging we will be continuing to write new material.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A: In 5 years time I want my waist to be little and my band to be big. Im kidding, as long as we're still hav-

ing fun and as long as I'm still

on a stage somewhere that's all that matters. I could be really predictable and say 'rolling in cash, about to

play wembley arena', which is

obviously every band's dream, including ours. That would be pretty fantastic. But as long as I'm still making

music I'll be happy.

Barbados would be nice.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I get my musical inspiration from other Artists and from my band. I get my lyrical inspiration from eve-

rything around me. There's always

something right infront of you that can inpire you if you just pay attention to it. I'm a fabulous evesdropper,

I like to listen to other

people's conversations, and sometimes I pick out lines and phrases they use if I find them interesting. And if

they're lucky they might just

make it into one of our songs, but I guess they'll never know.

Q: Who would you rather listen to UK or US music?

A: Personally I like a good mix. I dont even think about whether its UK or US music, if I like it I will listen

to it. Both England and

America have some amazing artists and bands. The first time we played out in the US the crowds seemed to

really go wild for us, so I would say

our music's definitely suited to American audiences and the market out there, or maybe Americans are just

massive party animals compared

to us Brits, who knows.

Q: What Arsist do you listen to?

A: As a musician Its really important to listen to loads of different bands and artists. At the minute I'm really

into The 1975.

When we tour we have 2 rules,

1). I get to sleep across the comfy seats in the van and everyone else has to sleep on the floor

2). make sure each band member brings ridiculous amounts of CDs for the van.

We always end up blasting Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Deaf Havana, Twenty One Pilots. And sometimes S Club


I'm also a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys and Lana Del Rey.

Q: Who influences your music?

A: I think that when you're a musician, you've grown up on music and probably listened to all sorts of differ-

ent genres, you get a feel

for the style of music that's in you when you start writing your own music. For some people, writing soul

music comes natural, or writing

heavy metal. Individually and as a band, we find writing pop/rock music the most natural to us. Sometimes

you can be influenced without even

realising, for example Blondie have always been one of my favourite bands and I have always loved Debbie

Harry, and it wasn't until we started

gigging that people were telling us we were 'like a modern Blondie'. I would say that bands such as You Me

At Six and Deaf Havana influence

our music. Freddie Murcury is definitely responsible for influencing me performance-wise.

Q: Please describe your fashion style in 5 words

A: Daring, fun, edgy, different, loud

Q: How can people contact you and collaberate with you?

A: People can contact us via our social media sites and our website.

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