Monday, 22 July 2013

Harsh.TV Features - Juss Russ

Hello Reverbnation Musician/Entrepreneur

If your like the majority of Reverbnation users then you may have had a hard time finding quality promotion for your campaigns, new songs, and recent releases. Many users possess quality sound and interactive pages but can't get users to actually really visit their page and listen.

You may have even tried "Promote-It" campaigns and spend anywhere from 50 to hundreds of dollars only to get back less than mediocre results. With good promotion your "song plays" will increase, your "page visits" will soar, and your "video views" will begin to rise. With campaigns that don't work none of this is achievable.

So where do we musicians go to get quality promotion that guarantees results. Well personally I | This site offers real organic promotion and features your musical content page on 5,000+ music directories, 1,500+ music blog sites, and 3+ high priority online music networks and forums.

So what is the benefit of this type of promotion?

Real Fans of Independent music will visit your page
Real Fans of Independent music will engage with your page
Leading to sales, new fans, and increased viewership
Large Increase in song plays, video views, and visits - all in one

How Can this promotion increase my Ranks

Reverbnation's algorithms give large boosts in rankings to users with a combination of a large amount of song plays, video views, and page visits. Get these numbers up and you will soar past your competition in not just the local rank but nationally and globally as well.

Follower Increase guarantees to boost you to the top 5 "locally" after the first purchase. Not maybe top 5... GUARANTEED TOP 5... what other site offering promotion can guarantee that? Certainly not Reverbnation and the Promote-It campaign.

As a fellow musician some wonder why am I helping and eager to give out this information. Well to be honest with you... Im not... The only people who will even see this message are those who took the time to connect with me and my page and subscribed to my updates. So thank your for your interaction and heres how I can help you.


Best Regards

Juss Russ

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