Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Harsh.TV Features - Didorion

Didorion is – All instruments and vocals and backup, harmonies and arrangement. He is Eric Birnbaum.  He is a self-taught musician.

“To make music, you first have to tear down the walls. I listen to every type of music, no exceptions.  All my songs are 90% true and the 10% spice.  I take all my influences and inspiration and mix them up in my studio with my personality and it becomes Didorion.”

With over 13 million fans reached on HeadlinersFM and recommended by 2039 bands and artists with an impressive 3.9 thousand reposts to social networks.  Didorion won the competition on CollegeUndergroundRadio in April and May 2011 with the song “Look at That”.  It was number one for 4 months.  He currently ranks #1 on the Alternative Chart onReverbnation for Boston.  Didorion’s music is/was also featured on Cashbox magazine (site has re-launched),SoundMachineRadio, LazlosDen, and is a featured Artist on Aural6.Com Radio. Some of the radio station my songs air
Aural6.Com Music Directory
KMS Radio
LCB Radio
Rocker's Dive Radio
CollegeUnderGround Radio
MCB media
Usual Suspect show
Hot mix 106
Fashions End store in Canada
Tom Lambert "The Independent Music Show
 Internet Radio comes and goes which makes this list shorter.
My song "Feeling strong" #18 on the list, is on EMR All Stars.
The proceed will go to The Fender Music Foundation
Didorion won best alternative song for “Lady Light” from The Akademia Music Awards.

Eric says, when asked to give a written bio,

“It’s hard to talk about yourself when there is no exchange.  I will try to do my best.  I don’t like to talk about myself.  I prefer my music do the talking for me because “words are shallow when music is hallow”………..When I write a song it’s has to be something I believe in…….I always do things by the “feel” of it.  If I don’t feel it, I don’t do it.  When you hear my music you can say to yourself, “I’m getting a clear picture of Didorion”

Didorion was born in Europe and of Slavic descent and came to the States and attended school from Kindergarten through High School.  After High School he went right to work in restaurants, bars and clubs and was head bartender, head bouncer and waiter.

Didorion’s is, musically, self-taught and took voice lesson for 2 years. He learned composition by listening to classical music, jazz and reading books.

As for influences Didorion says,

“It’s very important to listen to everything, but my foundation is basically Rock/Pop, Motown, Hard Rock and am a sucker for a catchy melody. Some examples – Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Elton John and Rodgers and Hammerstein.  The way I write is, tomorrow is another day, meaning each day doesn’t feel and sound the same. You get to take risk and not be afraid to sound differently.”

Didorion co-founded three bands ”Rocksand”, “Duo Freighter” and “Deep Blue Eyes” and played in small clubs and on the college scene. The band members did this has a hobby and to make extra cash, so, Didorion went solo.  His goals are to be recognized as singer songwriter and to hit the Indie Billboard Charts and to write for others.
Didorion would like to play all around the world with top musician as his backup band.

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