Sunday, 14 April 2013

How can you help Jas?

Any gift/investment into Jas being able to go to the IMC Awards in Hollywood, CA April 27, 28 (my birthday :0 ), would be highly appreciated. We would need at least an additional $450 to cover expenses on this short notice. Nominations List was shown a week ago (see below info). Two of Jas songs were nominated for this prestigious award. What an experience this would be just to be in the same studio (Ocean Way Studios) as Michael J, Janet, Whitney, RAY, Jay Z, 50, etc. I'm hoping to give Jas this experience...can you help me? I already put up a grand, but will need at least $450 for expenses incl. hotel.

A gift of $50 to $150 by April 19, will be very much appreciated. Any gift is a helpful contribution.

How can you help?

Register to PayPal, , (safest and most convenient way to send/receive money), enter your information and debit/credit card information (secured), then send a specified amount to my PayPal .
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Thanks fam!

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