Monday, 25 March 2013

Harsh.TV Features ***Paul Bailey*** - Musical Crossroads!

In the last few weeks I have heard both sides of the argument!
Building a fan base, charting high on Reverbnation and touring
is the best way to earn revenue and get major labels interested!
If a major label deal is what you want? Back in the day Major labels
built the artist up from nothing with advances, they don't do that
anymore! Back in the day Publishers ran the business they would 
build a budding songwriters career. Shop the demo to the labels
advance the writers and life was good that don't happen no moreEmoji

The Independent artist has to build his or her own career
and finance everything. Great if you got a rich Uncle or fairy
godmother it is a much tougher task. The good news is if you
can master all the necessary duties you can come out ahead
you control the masters and publishing not any label!
You can pitch your music to Film/TV/Video games it is called sync

Sync licensing as been around for yrs mainly major labels and Publishers
new about them and worked their masters without the artist seeing much
if any revenues! You can go many ways use a Publisher or Licensing companies/
to pitch your songs. General rule 50/50 split if you can cut out the middle man
and go direct even better for you! The argument is that this route is a shot in the dark
and touring is the only way to make real money!

My Opinion is that if your a writer/Producer the Sync deal is the best way to go!
If you are an artist/writer both ways can be beneficial especially if you own/control
the masters/publishing rights!It is tougher performing gigs if you don't have hits. Some artists hate touring and just love performing
it can get taxing on the body especially when you get older.
There is no right or wrong don't sell yourself short life is too short
get it all any and all ways you can!!

New release produced By Daforce for Unknown source
music 'The System' Performed by Yours truly 
P Bailey
Radio Play,Promoters,Publishers,Brand developers.Labels all welcomed.
for more info!

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