Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Harsh. TV Features Jose Rivadulla-Rey - Hot Blog Spot!!! Check it out!

Blog spot

Well happy new year to you and the world
If you don't know me by now then allow me to introduce myself (Jay-Z voice)
producer and film maker Jose Rivadulla-Rey

What's what and what's good?
Well it's day one of 2013 and I've certainly been blessed.
Currently in the process of casting for a short film titled the guardian angel.  It's a story about a woman who has the key to changing the world that we live in however she is unaware that she has this gift.

 We're also involved with several other indie film companies, casting, directing so look out for that on the updates

On the music front 2012 was good for the mixtapes so we have finishe the production for our 2013 project memoirs of a don which will be launched via our favourite hosts (no promo just a fact) so follow us on twitter@farmboyrecords and holla. We always holla back 

Ok people I'm going to leave you with something I wrote as the clock struck. When you think the odds are against you save this for a rainy day

live in the moment for the moment might pass
weather good or bad embrace what is what
for we are the chosen few
for only a few can be chosen
to teach from experience so that others may better
our sacrifice is pain
our sacrifice is the struggle
but our secrect remains
for our pain and suffering is the only fuel we need
to drive us, force for us to succeed
and succeed we will
for greatness is ours
and all the gold in the world
could not buy out our charm
we kiss death like we love her
for angels await
I write this for you
for you are far from Great.


With Regards José

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