Monday, 31 December 2012

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Born February 13, 1991 as Dominic Santea Farrow in Little Rock, Arkansas the beginning of a great up and coming artist who go by the stage name of Prince Dizzle “royalty”, inspired by his mother when he was a child while watching her write poetry and drawing art it influenced him to start writing and move in a direction of producing at a tender age of 12.
He began with his humble background in writing poetry about everything life, and things that happened in his life. While writing his poetry he developed the art of writing lyrics by listening to NWA and Ludacris, which brought him to the point of being able to write and produce for other artist as far musician he was influenced by Master P. While his inspiration was with some life greatest Rapper he never fail to acknowledge where his gift came from God.
With his first CD in the making we are expecting great things out of this royalty.
Twitter: @Prince_Dizzle
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