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Harsh.TV Features - Blogspot Hotspot 2012 Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey

Blogspot Hotspot 2012

Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Farmboy Records Partner/Producer

What good everyone? Allow me to introduce myself, my names Jose Rivadulla-Rey I'm a producer/writer and potential film maker I'm going to be bringing you a digest of projects and people on a Quarterly If after this edition you want some more of me you can catch me on my personal blogspot at

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all (depending on when you read this)
Well 2012 has been an eye and door opener for myself and i know the sewing ELF (my nickname) at HarshTv has also been doing great things as well, and i hope you the readers have been productive to.
Here is a brief list of the projects I have been involved with
-2Different worlds a Damien Swaby film-
-44 Inch Chest & Black 2 the Block Mixtape-
-IT solutions website-
-2 feature film scripts-
-web series script- (currently on episode 2)

And other music production work, for all details on how to get involved please just visit the blog site

If your interested in working or getting experience into film,fashion,music HarshTV will always help and put you in the right direction, I can’t thank them enough for being a source of information as well as professional.
If your a twitter user here are my personal favourite people to follow
@Damienswaby @HarshTV @nbsfilms @farmboyrecords if we can’t help you we will find you someone that will.

So whats in store for 2013
-Memoirs Of A Don Mixtape- is on the table at the moment with 4 tracks produced and awaiting more to clear.

I’m also hoping to do collaborations with a few people I have lined up.

And also to hear and help yourselves.

I leave you with this to think about

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
 Auguste Rodin (1840-1917);
Have a Merry Christmas and a productive/safe/happy new year.

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