Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Grizzly


 Hello People, 

I am Grizzly a recording artist from South London.

I writing to let you all know of my existence really!! 

I am aiming to be one of the greatest from the UK that ever does it so please if you have time Check out my Music and videos from the lins `I provide to you in this email.

I specialize in Hip Hop and Grime but I can put my hand in any jar and grab the cookie without being caught!!

Saying that I wont blow my own horn I will leave you all to judge for yourselves,

please follow me on twitter @ThisIzGrizzly
Like my fan page on FB

you can also download all my mixtapes fro free from my bandcamp site

Have a blessed day and God Bless you all

Grizz #GRIZZ

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