Friday, 28 September 2012

WDSR INTERVIEWS JAS = check it out


WDSR, an online prominent radio station with global listeners, crowned Jas as winner to the WDSR Radio Contest. The Prize: Instrumental Beatz from DJ Ian (tailored to Jas) to record on. These songs will receive Free Marketing, Promotions, Publishing, and Distribution Deal.

Who is Jas? WDSR and fans needed to know. The night before our anniversary, my bride~ Jas and I go to work to prepare for a live interview on WDSR Radio. The interview was a success, bringing into the station many request to hear additional songs by Jas.

Next: Preparing a new song for our pastor...Singing Live at the Kimberly Parkway Church of God "Pastor Appreciation Day".

Go to link for the story and share a comment for Jas

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