Monday, 10 September 2012

Please RT There is no defense for music piracy -Written By DJ GOSH FIRE

There is no defense for music piracy

There is no defense for music piracyThere is no defense for music piracy. It is illegal and immoral, but most importantly, it is indefensible because as I believe SO.
I also am an artist. No one has the right to take it from me or any other artist that owns his own songs without the artist’s permission.
Even if some people think helping promote an artist, it is nevertheless NOT anyone’s right to commit a criminal act on the artist’s behalf. No one can decide what’s best for anyone; and nobody can make rules for no one. If the artist states that music piracy of his property, his work, is forbidden, you, or the we the people as a fan, are obligated to cooperate; otherwise, people who don’t co-operate aren’t a fan, and will NEVER be.
The artist defines his criteria for his audience, his fans, his art. No one else. No one has the right to tell someone if thats me, or you what songs to sing, what CDs to sell, and what laws to obey and ignore. Everybody choose their own path. Musicians don’t work for no one but work for themselves. If you or anyone of us want to travel some musicians path, that individual or individuals must follow where the musician or artist leads, within the boundaries that the musician or artist establishes, and without an argument. Otherwise, that individual doesn’t have the privelege to share that path, nor to share the musician’s art. We all can exercise our freedom of choice in the marketplace, but any musician’s or artist’s art is not a democracy; The artist leads, and any individual of the society chooses to follow or not. If any individual doesn’t choose to follow, then adios and don’t come back. Only true fans are welcome as I strongly agree with that to due to the fact I am an artist as well.
When an artist that you like asks for real, serious, heartfelt help in addressing a legitimate problem —- you or any individual has two choices: help or don’t. If you help, you’re a true fan. If you don’t, then you aren’t a fan.
There are 6 billion people on this planet. While I would love to be a successful international superstar, that ain’t gonna happen. I do not expect to please everyone, and I do not expect to ever have billions of fans. I do not seek billions of fans. I only want the true, loyal ones. Right now, around 175,000 people have bought my CDs, and I am grateful for all of them.
If you aren’t a fan yet, I invite you to become one.
But if you are against me, and if you disagree with me, and if you are willing to condone theft from me, and insult me, and attempt to suppress my freedom of speech, then please do not call yourself my fan.
Either you like me all the way, or you don’t. Pick a side.
With these comments, and my replies herein, and our anti-piracy policies, it IS MY INTENTION to protect music theft. I defend myself against music piracy.
I will always for people being a true, loyal fan. You know that I am artist to you, and I appreciate the people for listening and believing in what I do. Anyone’s support is what keeps me going, and what makes me want to fight for my art, for my fans, and for the music we love so much.

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