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Please RT - You The Artist Get To Take Over Harsh.TV And Today Harsh.TV Is Featuring Paul Bailey

Today is The Day Where You The Artist Get To Take Over Harsh.TV And Today Harsh.TV  Is Featuring  Paul Bailey

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Paul Bailey

Update:Signed 2 digital distribution one for China R2G Music Limited mobile telecommunications and other telecommunication systems. The other 4 Vietnam Media and Copyright services JCS. Other Territories included in agreement are Cambodia,Haiti,Mozambique.Lao's.Mobile, ringtones,smartphone etc are all included.
Signed a non exclusive Sub publishing deal with Maori Publishing for the territory of the UK.

News: Looking for investors to finish new songs in the works!
Links include:

P Bailey - Mystery (Radio Edit).mp3
From Paul Bailey
Download as MP3

P Bailey with Frime - BED.mp3
From Paul Bailey
Download as MP3

P Bailey - Part of me (Radio Edit).mp3
From Paul Bailey
Download as MP3

3-Frime Party all night feat P Bailey.mp3
From Paul Bailey
Download as MP3

 P Bailey


The human soul of a man with a 5 octave range is described by many who have Heard   Paul sing and often compared to Ron Isley of the Isly Brother fame.His Beautiful soul renditions are tear tearjerkers. Originally from the UK. P Bailey had his first taste of musical inspiration while taking part in music class in grade school. Principal Miss Johnston
was so impressed by his musical sense encouraged him to continue.Early Influences were Motown and Muscle Shoals.Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson were a big Influence on him as a Singer/Songwriter/Performer.

The Early Years

With no formal training Bailey developed his singing and writing style by listening to his favorite  artists of the day like,Ron Isley,Donny Hathaway,Luther Van dross, Michael Jackson,Prince and James Brown . P took part in many community talent shows and was a crowd pleaser singing and dancing to his favorite songs.

During a chance meeting at a popular night club in Montreal called Checkers Paul met  members of the stone city band and forwarded a demo.Super Star 'Rick James' later used a sample of  his song 'Part time Lover' on the sound track of the movie Colors.It was an exciting time and his first real break.

His next chance came while doing session work P met DJ Robby Demlakian.Who Co-Produced his single a 12 inch House Mix called 'Get on Board 'recorded with his group Walter P.P.K which charted #3 on the house Dance charts in the UK and won him the Professional Publishers & Songwriters award from Factor a grant foundation.

Currently  The song 'Do what you feel' as been licenced in the documentary 'Trash Dance' released 2012 SXSW.The Song writing competion Song of the year 2012 just awarded Paul the suggested artist placement for the song 'Trophy' for being in the top 2%. 2010 Best Provincial R&B Soul CD Album
* WINNER * P Bailey, "Find me somebody" Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Just did an interview with Harsh.TV . .Paul as signed with Japan company LA Sound to release his album in Japan "Find me somebody" P Bailey as started his own online licensing company PCB publishing. Also Being featured on commercial,Internet and College radio stations in Japan,Australia, Canada, and the UK, like Ore Stone Radio, USA 4 Real, Jango Radio. Spot light on CBC One Montreal program 'Home run', which featured the new album "Find me somebody" His Song' Part of me'  also received a certificate of merit from the Uni Song International Song writing competition  for being in the top ten percent. The Song is  licensed by Pureplay music to 15,000 stores across the UK and Europe. With his new catalog of songs P Bailey is a man on a mission remember his name because you won't forget his soul.

                                                         Artist Profile

P Bailey is a songwriter/artist/producer and Performer in the R&B/Soul/Dance genres

Full Name: Paul C Bailey

Genre: R&B/Soul/Dance


Originally From the UK Paul began listening and singing is favorite songs
off the radio is Father would put on in the house. His Father also sang with an
all male quire in his native country of Jamaica! Paul began experimenting
in music class in grade school encouraged by his school Principal to continue.
Paul Began extensive studying of popular music in his spear time including the vocals
songwriting,Producing,arrangements everything on that record Paul needed to know
who was credited on the linear notes. Paul began to form is own groups as writer
and producer. Paul Joined forces with fellow Country men from the UK Walter PPK to put out a house music track called "Get on Board" which charted #3 on the house
charts. This gave P the songwriters and Publishers demo award from the songwriters
foundation. This joint effort lead to another break through under the name Scandalous the track called "Desire" won the demo clip award for best song and video By Music Plus video station.


Paul as been showcasing at the CMW music conference for the last 2 yrs.
As taken part in the Montreal International Jazz festival both solo
and with an ensemble. Kalmunity a local hub for musicians to collab and Jam
every Tuesdays Paul is out there taking in the performances and taking part
also!Always a perfectionist all live performances must mirror the records
Paul is singing whether cover songs or originals if they don't sound the same
he won't perform them. The Indie tour 2012 as invited Paul to take part!


Songwriting is where Paul lives for film/TV/Video games.
Has just had is song 'Do what you feel' placed in the Documentary
'Trash Dance' Debuting at SXSW this year! The song "Part of me" as been licesed to 15000, stores across UK & Europe. Paul as developed his
own online catalog and his pitching it to various Music supervisors,
Music agencies,Libraries for usage in all music platforms. PCB Publishing.
Writing a new song a tribute to Michael Jackson and is getting ready
to record it as well as shoot the video for it!

Artist Bio:

I love the funk it is a cool genre. James Brown George Clinton, Parliament
Funkadelic are some of Paul's inspires. But MJ is the one Paul patterns him self
after. I love to dance and create funky steps with my music. I inspire to be great
at whatever I do. I take no prisoners. Building my catalog of tunes and in vision
collaborating with Stevie Wonder a great artist/writer. I see no boundaries
to where I can go and continue to strive for greatness!


Facebook: P Bailey's music anthology

Twitter: Rudepaul

LinkedIn: Paul Bailey | LinkedIn

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