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Nitasha does an interview with fashionista Imogen Roy

Nitasha does an interview with fashionista Imogen Roy, who has been featured in Marie Claire as well as others for her stylish appearance. Her blog EightLondon is an extension of her keen stylish eye, featuring beautiful photography and great writing. Imogen talks about street fashion, Twiggy and that oh so important Quick Fire round! You can follow Imogen on Twitter @imogenroy. Here's the interview. 

What inspired you to start your blog?
I was interning at a magazine with another girl who was going for job interviews and they kept asking her "so, do you have a blog?" I originally started so I would have something to answer that question with. I had never really read other blogs before and the idea was totally new and strange to me. (It still is!) 
The first image we see on your blog is of model Twiggy, is she someone you look up to?

It's funny, I don't know why I have Twiggy as my header! It must have been an image I picked off my wall on a whim, but I suppose it works because it's a timeless photograph, and she epitomised youth and the essence of fun, unselfconscious fashion, as well as being a quintessentially British spirit. These are all qualities which I hope to express in the blog, so perhaps my choice wasn't so whimsical after all!
Your lucky number is 8 so tell us 8 interesting facts about yourself.
1) I have to spend a considerable amount of time outside everyday. I swear I'm solar-powered.
2) I can't pass a pound shop or a Bargain Books without going in. As a consequence, I own an obscene amount of useless stationary and face gems.
3) I'm pedigree Scottish, but I don't have an accent.
4) Ballet and running keep me sane, but the gym gives me a rash.
5) I can't drive, and happily walk everywhere. 
6) My life's dream is to go on tour with a band.
7) Languages are absolutely invaluable. I speak German and French, but would love to be as multi-lingual as Karl Lagerfeld. 
8) I read a lot. Probably too much. 
You've had your work published online, including on Planet Notion. Which one blog/magazine/website, in the world, would you like to have your work published in and why?
It has to be British Vogue, doesn't it? It was the first fashion magazine I ever picked up, and has always appealed for the styling, but equally so because of the incredibly high-quality, thoughtful writing that I have aspired to since school. I have a folder of articles torn from publications that I consider inspiration, and a great sheaf of those come from Vogue. 
You have been featured in Marie Claire and Instyle as well as others, for you own style sense, where do you get your influence from?

I'll tell you, that is the hardest question to answer and one that is always answered by a dumb stare at fashion weeks! Well, here's a good opportunity for me to finally construct an answer for the benefit of myself and others! I consider myself to be a Style over Fashion person, and to be honest trends never interest me at all. I'm more likely to be influenced by what I see in photography books or in films, or the way certain colours clash in a painting. My biggest style influences definitely come from the 60s and 70s; Yves Saint Laurent and luxurious glamour. Most importantly my style has to be effortless. My outfits may seem flamboyant but they're actually very practical. I'm constantly active, and I'm pretty careless too, so with multi-coloured, haphazard layers, riding boots and messy half-dyed hair I can run for the bus without too much anguish! 
Who would you love to hear this statement from, "Wow, I love your style. You look absolutely fabulous darling!"?
Well it's too late now but Diana Vreeland, rest her divine soul. I would have loved to have met her. And Isabella Blow. I think we would have gotten on well. 
What's the last thing you bought that you can't get enough of?
The last thing I bought which I can't get enough of is a yellow pleated midi-skirt I bought in Paris for €1. A huge proportion of my clothes are from vintage or second-hand shops. 
Which Fashion designers are inspiring you right now and why?
Meadham kirchoff, for their totally theatrical, 'up-yours-to-trends-' styling that is just fun and beautiful to look at.
Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, who for the last few seasons has just blown me away with sophisticated statements. 
Jeremy Scott's wild colour and pop-art approach, which appeals to the teenager in me.
Do you think London street fashion compares with anywhere else in the world?
London street fashion is revered, but I definitely wouldn't say that the British were the best dressed. With the globalisation of street fashion and the phenomena of blogs, I think 'street fashion' as an aesthetic form has become far less defined by city or location. Kids from any part of the world can go online, and copy style from any city, so street fashion has become a lot more generalised. I think it's great, the more stylish people on the streets, the better! 
Do you think UK music influences London street fashion?
I think music and fashion feed off each other in equal measure. In fact, I would go as far as to say that in this decade, music is far more influenced by fashion than the vice versa. Back in the 60s and 70s, it was definitely the other way round. Now, I can't really think of any artists, bands or even genres of music who have inspired a distinctive look. Apart from Lady Gaga, but then, do you see anyone interpreting her look on the streets? Not really. 

That would be a scary thought. Imagine people walking around in egg-shaped objects, or more likely, rolling around in them, and clothes made of meat!
OK, I don't know if you've heard of the 'Quick Fire, Nothing To Do With Anything' round, but it's coming for you!
1920's or the future?
Jacket potato or Mash?
Jacket Potato
TV or Music?
Alcoholic beverage (please drink responsibly) or lovely hot cup of tea/coffee?
Champagne...tea...champagne...tea...oh it's a tough one...Champagne!
What's your favourite planet?
Saturn and her rings
Wallace or Gromit? 
Wallace, the old dear. 

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