Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Harsh.TV Does A Hot #Harsh.TV 'Twitterview' Catch Up With The Very Talented Jose Rivadulla-Rey

Harsh.TV Does A Hot #Harsh.TV 'Twitterview' Catch Up With The Very Talented Jose Rivadulla-Rey.
We Managed To Track Down Jose for his Quick Interview catch-up via Twitter to find out what his been up to since his last Interview with us and also find out How Harsh.TV Has Helped him since.

A Little Fun Way for you to Interact, Just keep Scrolling Down!

Harsh.TV - Please Tell us Who You Are & What you Do?

Harsh.TV - Since Your Last Interview with us, What have you been up to?

Harsh.TV - How has Harsh.TV Helped towards your Projects?

Harsh.TV - We heard that you have just finish Writing A Book, Can you Tell Us a Little More about it?

Harsh.TV - What are you working on at The Moment?

Harsh.TV - Would you Recommend Harsh.TV To help other Creative People?

Harsh.TV - How can people Connect with you?

Harsh.TV - Thank you so much for Doing The.TV Twitterview'' With us.

I'm a partner and producer for Farmboy records also indie film maker (I think lol)

Since my last interview I've been writing scripts for the summers production as well as producing new tracks for a new artist

Also networking with the flyway blogger in the game HarshTv

Harsh Tv helps with new leads as well as keeps me up to date with what I need

The book is finished and is being edited at the moment and will be available on apple iBooks it's a love story gone wrong.

At the moment I'm pushing my scripts to film companies and promoting my short film which are getting good reviews and entering film comps

HarshTV have a very good structure at what they are doing I can only see progression. Creatively we could all do more if there was enough

Time in the day

Holla on Twitter or LinkedIn I dot do Facebook or better still on harshTV ;)

Thank you. See you next blogspot HarshTV/FarmboyRecords Uk & worldwide BOOM

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