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Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with the Very Talented and Gifted Alex and Alan Ervins


Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with the Very Talented and Gifted Alex and Alan Ervins, we talk Influences, Inspirations and Current Music Projects. A very Inspiring Interview one not to be Missed!

Q Tell us about who you are and what you do?
We were born November 30 1989 in Fort Wayne Indiana and are currently living in the same location today. My name is Alex Ervins and my twins name is Alan Ervins. Presently I go by the name Amillio as an artist and my twin goes by the name of Ally Royce. Music was something that we have always had a passion for as long as I can remember. My father played in a popular band before we were born but decided to let his dream go and pursue the path of raising a family and proving for his two twin boys.  My parents have always been very dedicated to church, which means they are religious and that has always been a big influence in our life. Around the age of ten, me and Alan would travel around the state, speaking at church ministries about the word of God, attend church 2 or 3 times a week, and listen to nothing but Christian rap music, which inspired us to start writing Gospel music at the age of eleven. My dad was heavy in ol’ school music such as, The Temptations, James Brown, Luther Vandross, Al Green, but his most frequent played music was Funk Music. From the Ages of 12 through 15, Our whole family would take trips around the US to a different locations every year; Florida, Los Angeles, or Vegas, to name a few. My father would always drive but what made the ride interesting, was the Funk music that he would play the whole way. I became very intrigued and inspired on the instruments that would play in the songs. Certain drums, piano keys, guitars, basses, and so on. Rhythms and melodies, within the Funk music was something that really stood out for me and Alan at an early age. The city life of those different locations also inspired both me and Alan and allowed us to be open minded to newer surroundings, people and different cultures around the nation.  Breaking away from the tradition Gospel Rap and falling into Rap music at the age of 15 became the biggest transition in our life till this day. The switch over from one lifestyle to another, religiously, spiritually, mentally; we’ve gained numerous amounts of knowledge about life, becoming very wise at an early state of our existence. Applying that to everyday living, learning and building, from the ground up we officially became who we are today, and that is HIPHOP.


Q. Describe your Music in 5 words
Musical. Witty. Lyrical. Creative. Intelligent. 


Q.  What are your Current projects that you are working on now?
Our debut mixtape was released November 30th on HotNewHipHop titled “Alls Well That Ends Well,” That’s our first official project that we are currently pushing right now.  We are looking to set up some shows in the near future all around the Midwest area and eventually nationwide. A website about “TwiinCity” is in the process of being put together right now, which will give everyone a background check on us as artist, display promotional videos, performances, upcoming events, and the latest music that we are working on. In the midst of working on our present project, we are also in the works of putting together our second mixtape titled “Effortless Elegance” We are shooting for that project to drop November of 2012. In between that time, we are going to continue to build a buzz for our music releasing videos for this current mixtape, building on media presence and also collaborating with other artist locally and out of state.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years we will have put a big stamp in the Music industry, creating a movement like no other. Bringing a newer since of style to music, substance in every aspect, moving all fans and individuals in a state of realism to where they become inspired to do MUSIC and not only that, but showing them that by following your heart and doing something that you love to do, the sky is the limit. Preaching truth and lacking fame but more so ambition. Showing kids and young adults that anything you go through, you can overcome. With a platinum album out and a number of endorsements, we see ourselves looking back at 2012 from 2017, and saying “WE MADE IT” “DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.” Those two statements will be coined by us and eventually passed down from generation to generation.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Life itself is inspiring. To be able to wake up every morning knowing, at all times that you have another opportunity to be a major impact in the world, is inspiring. I’m inspired by other artist in general too. Coming up with different ideas from themes of a movie, or even standing over a balcony looking towards the city, inspires us. If you’re not living, you’re dying. You got to enjoy life, embrace the struggle and really learn from it in order to grow as a person and become better then you were the day before. We are inspired by anything and everything that life has to offer.

Q. Who would you rather listen to UK or US Music?
We have a wide variety of music that we listen to but between those two, I would have to say US Music just because it’s more relevant to us and American music is what we do. But UK music is never out of the question. We would definitely rock with UK music any day.

Q. What artist are you listening to?
Right now, I would say Kendrick Lamar is the artist that we are really listening to. Many of the artist coming up today speak substance and truth and that’s definitely something that we can vibe with and relate to. SchoolboyQ, Plant Six, The weekend, Drake, Eminem are a few of many as well too

Q Who influences your music?
I feel like we as artist influence our own music because we are always trying to come with different, unique and newer ideas in order to outdo our last song, project, or video. We are always trying to set the bar higher than we did before and our goal is to always overcome that goal and keep rolling. Besides that, I would say Timberland, producing wise is somebody who influences our music. JayZ is somebody who influences our music as well, just the way he uses his word play and wittiness on his songs. Being Technical with lyrics and using the double entedres,  and couplets all at the same time of telling a story is a unique gift and that’s something major that we look for in other artist who we are inspired by or influence us musically.

Q. Please describe your fashion style in five words.  
Original. Authentic. Grown. Fresh. Clean

Q. How can people contact you and Collaborate with you?
We can be contacted through twitter @Amillio100 or @AllyRoyce89 or on Facebook at TwiinCity Band page. For immediate hits, you can contact us on either social site and shot us your personal phone number or email and we can exchange information that way. Also for collaborations, like I said just hit us up on either sites and let us know what’s your working with and we’ll go from there.

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