Monday, 11 June 2012

RT - To all Indiependant artists Never Give Up! By Paul Bailey!!

 To all Indiependant artists Never Give Up!
The word give up is not in my vocabulary but it was always lurking in the dark!
Often I would hear my father say" never give up son" he could clearly see my
struggle and anguish and as any good parent would do was give a pep talk!
I remember those words clearly as I pinpoint my niche!
Finding your niche is not only important but neccessary for you to stand out amonst the bunch!
At every step  of the way in your life you will be tested from racism to sexism to ageism all the isms and skizms as Bob Marley would say! You will be challenged, pulled in many directions
told what to do and so on but if you know who you are self aware from youth then no one can stop you or derail you! Many times we sabotage our selfs or let some negative force sabotage us!
Just like a virus sent to your computer negatism is a form of sabotage. You must be careful  who the people you surround your self with and must practice positive thinking everyday!
Getting back to finding a niche is so inportant whether your an artist, writer, producer entetainer, designer or all the above finding that specific thing or area you've got strenght in  is the key!
It is so easy to give up but like that childhood saying winners never quit and quitters never win
is so true! How can you ever win if your always giving up a life filled with coulda shoulda but never did.
Never give up are the words that ring in my ears ...ahh R.I.P Dad!
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