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Nitasha does an interview with Dyles Mavis, a 3 piece R&B band from L.A, formed by Sean McBride, Eric Tucker and Jared Baisley

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Nitasha does an interview with Dyles Mavis, a 3 piece R&B band from L.A, formed by Sean McBride, Eric Tucker and Jared Baisley.
What do you listen to during those Sunday afternoons when you just want to chill out? I know what I’ll be listening to, “Jammed Up and Jelly Tight”. This album is seriously smooth with just the right sprinkle of jazz. I’m certain this band will grab their “Microphone”, spread their wings like a “Butterfly” and “Paint The Town” the colour of success!
Describe your music in 6 words.
- Original, eclectic, fresh, reminiscent, soulful, fun,
Originally the bands name was Jus-tus’, how did you come up with this new name?
- We were in the studio working on Butterflies and we had to come up with a new group name when we signed with our current label Dreams of Aces. We thought about all the musical greats that were innovative in there genre. Miles Davis is the most innovative jazz musician of all time, we do hiphop/soul with a jazz twist. Eric thought of the twist on the name and it clicked.
You worked with Warner Brothers Entertainment on the scoring and production for the feature film ‘Traces of Tragedy’ in 2007. If there was one movie from the past whose music you could have worked on, which would it have been and why?
- Toy Story would have been a dope movie to score, because the feel of the music we write is fun but meaningful just like the movie. We write different perspectives of love in our music; it paints pictures that resemble movie scenes.  
Which current artist’s/producers would you like to collaborate with and why?
- We look up to the artists that also produce their own music; artists like Ryan Leslie or Pharrell would be cool collaborations because the music they produce really complements our style. Plus, we enjoy these artists because they are free thinkers and are not afraid to take risks musically.
Are there any UK bands/artist’s that have caught the bands attention?
- There are few really fresh UK artists, hands down Adele is killing it, and Michael Kiwanuka’s soul music is really inspiring to us.  Bluey Robinson is cool too. These artists inspire us because they are not afraid to keep the authenticity in their music. We would love to perform with any of these artists!
Not only are you singers/rappers and songwriters but also musicians too! If you could only do ONE for the rest of your career, which would it be?
(Sean) - Songwriter because my words will live on forever even when I die my words will still be heard.
(Jay) - Playing the piano because it’s the easiest way to express myself. You can’t censor my notes.
(Eric) - I am at peace and the happiest when I am singing.   
What does 2012 hold for Dyles Mavis? (projects/events etc)
-Success of our debut album that was recently released off of Independent label Dreams of Aces. Travelling over the summer promoting and performing. We recently started Dyles Mavis Mondays, this is our way to continue to release music for our fans while we are working on our second album. Music video for our second single Glasses directed by Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, shallow hal,).
Where would you like to see the band in 5 years?
-Accepting our lifetime achievement award lol! We would like to be on your blog as the Grammy Award Winning "Dyles Mavis"! Probably selling out Madison Square Garden!!!
How can we stay up-to-date with your latest news and follow your work? (Twitter/Facebook/Website etc)
Follow us @Dyles_Mavis on Twitter. is where we keep everyone up to date with shows and music. Subscribe to our YouTube channel Dyles Mavis, where we will be releasing our mixtape music.
Now Dyles Mavis may be comprised of multi-talented guys but can you also be talented at completing the ‘Quick Fire, Nothing To Do With Anything’ round? Go!
Horror or Comedy?
(Eric) Comedy
(Jay) Comedy
(Sean) Comedy
If the group got stuck on a deserted island, which member would be forced to brave the sharks and swim for help?
Sean LOL, we taught Sean how to swim last year
Sandwich or Burger?
Once we take over the world, we would make sure that...........?
Everyone can read and write. Dyles Mavis for president
Book or Movie?
(Sean) Movie
(Jay) Movies based on books
(Eric) Movies
As a band, we have never..................?
Played in the UK ;)
Animal or Lunchbox?
(Jay) Animal
(Sean) Animal
(Eric) Lunchbox
We always...laugh...during...shows...because...older women always like Eric and one time two of them tried to take him home..and it was funny.
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