Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Todd Anthony Tyler

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Issue #0612 - June

In June we have the the much anticipated release of the campaign images for Indochino's Super Hero collection featuring suited up heroes against gotham like cityscapes. We also have two magazine cover releases with the continued series of DRINK covers and the cover of ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Todd's monthly column kicks off a two part series on shooting with Natural Light.


Todd has just returned from New York and London and thanks everyone who he worked with and met and looks forward to returning to New York in September.

Using Natural Light
Drink Cover

To stay even more current with Todd's work, be sure to sign up on his fan page on Facebook as there are bi-weekly updates showing full fashion spreads and behind the scenes images and videos. Also for all those on Weibo follow Todd on Weibo with daily images of a fashion photographers life in Shanghai. For those interested in reading about fashion photography tips and advice, pick up a current issue of Asian Photography to follow Todd's monthly column on stories recounting events of fashion photo shoots.

Drink Cover

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