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Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented MATTHAIAS STURM

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview With The Very Talented MATTHAIAS STURM
We Talk About Current Music Projects, Inspiration, Music Influences And Find Out Just What's On The Hot Playlist. A Great Read!!

Q.Tell us about who you are & What you do? 

I'm a German singer/songwriter & international recording and touring artist. Last year I was nominated for the Independent Music Awards (IMA's). Since my US debut 'Blood And Thunder' dropped on January, 17th, it has garnered  wide press attention and was aired on several AAA-stations and College Radio core stations across the US, as well on air in Europe and outlets like India and the Emirates.

Q: Describe your Music in 5 words 

a prospect of Rock'n'Rolls future 

Q. What makes your Voice Stand Out from other Artists? 

My fans and listeners can expect a deep facetted singing/songwriting, which is compared by critics with rock greats like Roger Waters, David Bowie and Roy Orbison. 

Q. Do you Write Your Own Material? 

My music and songwriting is original. I see myself as a storyteller, and my lyrics have a strong poetic character. They are written in the style of a spoken word tradition that draws on the romantic literature of England from the 19th century. It was a very interesting phase in the history of poetry and the stories, like mine, were a bit dark and asked great questions about life, death and love. There is a strong association to image and scenery which allows people to imagine themselves in any given situation. My writing is very subconscious, and I always feel the most interesting songs come upon the wroter when he or she lest expects. 

Q: What are your Current projects that you are working on? 

I'm recently awaiting a new video premiere on VH1, SS Music and 9XO. I'll be headliner of a tour at Dubai at the last quarter of the year in association with the Dubai Cable Networks and the Rolling Stone (Middle East).

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I'm actually landing  to get me a name and voice in the recent alternative music landscape and my fan community is growing. So from here, everything is possible.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? 

As said, my songwriting is connected with subconscious sources. It can start out with a daydream, a word, a glimpse of a picture. To work on a new record is very complexe and multi-layered, but sometimes also conjured from the hat. So you see, there is no rule. I'm not that type of guy sittin' 8 o clock in the morning with a pencil on my desk, songwriting is something else, ... so to say.

Q: Who would you rather listen to UK or US Music? 

Well, this is interesting, because completely different. There is often a difference in the production and the sound, but the main question is always if it's great music!

Q:What Artist Are on your Playlist?

Frankly, I'm diving not often into the flood of emerging artists, particular in these days, while I'm working on a new record myself. 

Q: Please describe your fashion style in 5 words? 

a scarecrow with a chic

Q: How can people Contact you & Collaborate with you?

My fans and listeners can reach out to me via my Official website and my Facebook band page for updates on tour, press and upcoming events. I'm also active @ Twitter and @ Youtube and fans buy my record via CD Baby or at i-Tunes, Napster, Verizon and Amazon.

Twitter: @matthias_sturm

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