Thursday, 17 May 2012

James Monks Brings you Abberline

Bringing their own take on rock, pop, blues, and anything in-between to build a catalogue of catchy, guitar-riff-addled, drum-driven songs.

In the winter of 2010, Rob replied to an advert on, placed by Ashley. They meet up most weeks, and had strong chemistry, but were not comfortable to gig without a bassist. After numerous bassists and attempts to find another member, nothing came about to form a strong group. Ashley then placed an advert asking for a bass player, to which Tom replyed. He said he had a bass player, but the catch was he, a guitarist, came too! A date was arranged after the exchange of many emails, and the group first met on Thursday the 16th June 2011 at Robannas studio, Birmingham. Since then they have played at many gigs around Birmingham, where they have began building a solid fanbase. They are a four-piece band, where each members different personal influences contribute to the groups unique sound.

Reported By Harsh.TV's Talented Music Scout James Monk

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