Thursday, 17 May 2012

James Monk Brings you Ronin

Worcester would not strike many as being at the forefront of the music scene, porcelain and teashops yes: but somewhere between the rolling hills and the rambling river a sonic storm is growing. Fast becoming well known for their high energy, high emotion live shows; Ronin offer the antidote to a generation calling out for new direction, calling out for something real.

Loz was born surrounded by music. Kit was born deaf.

Descended from pirates and smugglers, the three years Kit has been living in Worcester mark the longest he’s stayed anywhere; his life so far reads a strange tale of challenges, cage fighting, being on the wrong end of attempted murder and forgetting how to play violin; the only constant in his life has been singing.

Somebody moved there by choice. That’s how Dave’s story started, brought up in the middle of no-where Dave turned to his brothers bass guitar and his fathers LP’s, cue montage and hey presto: Young Dave.

Born double handicapped, being left handed and ginger, Jake locked himself away from the world, practicing, learning, tech-ing, biding his time, until at last the time was right, to strike at the music scene with his dynamic and unusual playing style.

Loz’s toys as a child were his father’s guitars; he truly has riffery for blood and rhythm for soul. Playing on stage from a young age in a myriad of styles, Loz has paid his dues, and if Dave & Jake are the back bone of Ronin, Loz is the heart.

The synergy of massively different musical backgrounds of the members make Ronin an unmissable experience.

Ronin tread new ground by combining classic elements from blues, rock and pop with unusual synths and theremin, this, topped with passionate belief, sing-along choruses and catchy melodies make the Worcester based four piece one to watch

The crowd oriented energetic performances of Ronin are not to be missed.

Reported by Harsh.TV's Music Talent Scout James Monk

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