Saturday, 12 May 2012

Harsh.TV Hotspot Features - J. Da Nearo


J Da Nearo Bio
J. Da Nearo aka J.P. Di Gabriel was born in West Africa, Liberia in 1984, Because of civil
war he fled his country and came to America as a refugee in 1992. He lived in Harlem, New York
for 3 years than moved to Queens, New York in 1995 where he really developed the love of music.
In middle school he recorded his first demo in hopes of getting a record deal. That dream did not
happen until 2000 when he met Russell Simmons at his high school. Russell was very interested
but due to the higher up's of Def Jam Records at the time the deal was never signed. Discouraged
& disappointed in 2002 he jumped back into the studio to record two projects, when the projects
were completed they were shopped and offers were made by Independent Labels, Red Galaxy &
Sonic Wave International. Unfortunately these deals did not work out either. In 2003, When he
graduated high school he attended a music trade school, I.A.R to learn the business side of the
music industry and to also become a better producer/engineer. While there he interned at various
studios and he had a opportunity to network with some key industry people.. In 2005, he
graduated trade school, he started a 5 year plan to acquire studio equipment and start his own
independent label, but in May of 2005 tragedy struck when he was stabbed 10 times and
pronounced clinically dead for more than 3 minutes at the hospital. When doctors regained his
pulse they performed two surgeries to save his life. After recovering in 2006 through a good friend
he met a Industry insider, while working with him he made beats and did some drums for some for
major acts unfortunately none of those records ever made it on an album. Frustrated with the
insider for not pushing for his records for those albums he parted ways with him and
reimplemented his 5 year plan. In 2009, he finally finished his studio and through a good friend he
acquired a great lawyer to incorporate his label. In March of 2010 , Bass Recording Group LLC
was born, being the only act right now, he recorded two records with a third on the horizon. The
BRG Music Cafe & The Hip Hop Lounge are the two mixtape he recorded & My darkest Hour
Being hid third record which is his official album. In his new 5 year plan he intends for The BRG
Music Cafe to be a very successful Independent Mixtape, then through that success he plans to
release The Hip Hop Lounge & My Darkest Hour which he says will change music as a whole.
company's line- (516)331-1420
J Da Nearo's Cell-(914)294-7100

J Da Nearo- Dirty Wine (Radio Version) 8mb.mp3
From Mike Neely
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