Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Blog HotSpot Episode 7 Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey

The Blog HotSpot Episode 7
Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Farmboy Records Partner/Producer

Here’s a treat for you guys
Now you’re saying who’s that?

Rest your eyes and open your ears,

its PONI www.poni.co.uk iv e know her for many years and she’s been working hard from day one, youtube/westwood shes/us/uk she is doing it big so click on her site and get all the goodies,

So what’s NBSfilms been doing? Well we have added a new short film to the collection, what is it about?
It starts of as a ordinary day when all of a sudden the dead walk, (yeah another zombie film) but this is from the angle of someone who is at home and doesn’t know what’s going on and even though he has the right tools to survive he’s still scared, it’s a 10 minute film, I shot it and wrote it on a next to zero budget, it’s part of my portfolio so it’s all good. Hope you check it out and enjoy, don’t take it to serious it’s all fun,


Music wise were networking with a lot of new independent artists that I will be steadily introducing you to and now I’m practically am a walking studio. If you every see me on the street my head is in my iphone or laptop with my Dre’s on, if you want my attention you’re going to need to text/email me. So yeah were quite busy at this moment, hopefully you’re following us on all the usual sites and you will get all the updates as normal.

Moving on to connecting you good people to the world,
Radio Airplay/Management
Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to get someone who can see the vision you insight, but no matter what you do keep looking, so here you go to start you of within that search

Tunji Adebowale

Exclusive Artist Management

Direct Dial: +44 (0) 7515 488588
Skype: xclusivartists
TW: twitter.com/xclusivartists
L: uk.linkedin.com/in/xclusivartists
FB: www.facebook.com/xclusivartists
W: www.exclusiveartistmanagement.com

A Member of the Music Managers Forum (UK)
now your properly wondering, why don’t I use someone I know as my manager? Unless the person you are thinking of is connected within the industry this is a bad move to make, the best thing you can do is interview/talk to people in this profession and work with the one that you feel comfortable with, be sure to ask all you r question and dot all the i. Good Luck and stay locked.
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