Saturday, 21 April 2012

Let James Monk Introduce you to The Rusty Knives

The Rusty Knives are willing to play anywhere, even your bathroom! Booking gigs now!!
Formed on a whim by drummer Abi Brookes and guitarist/vocalist Al Terry, The Rusty Knives began life in 2009 as a velvet underground style jam band. The project began life in a dingey flat, on the noisiest road in the centre of Worcester city. After undergoing a number of lineup changes, The Rusty Knives eventually recruited bass player Elly Palmer, becoming a power trio.
During the early life of...See More
The Rusty Knives are a three piece heavy pop combo belched from the bowels of Worcester. We play a volatile combination of punk rock and grungey pop music filtered through a lens of sociopathic disdaine for everything!
The Rusty Knives are on a mission to prove to nothing to anyone. Using the sheer power of dumb ass brute force and simplicity, a sophisticated blend of influences is ignored and abused underneath a fearsome racket.

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