Friday, 27 April 2012

Harsh.TV Hot Spot Features - Ryan Taylor


Ryan was a natural entertainer from a young age and inspired to be successful, he had the first taste of professional work when he attended an open audition for the hit musical Oliver at the London Palladium and was successful enough to get a part and enjoy a twelve-month run. Soon after this, at the age of 13 he landed himself a scholarship at a London Performing Arts School. Ryan continued to work throughout school in commercials and Theatre.
Ryan grew up with acting, singing, and dancing but when finishing school decided to channel his strongest passion, being music. After theatre school he then received a scholarship to a top London Performing Arts College that he attended for a year. Throughout his year at college he still continued to professionally work in music videos, commercials and singing around the UK.
At the age of 18 Ryan was signed to Virgin records in an rnb pop group, which had 3 top twenty hits. When the group finished Ryan then returned to his solo music.
Ryan is now currently working on various music projects with successful writers and producers. And enjoying his life being so full of Music!!

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