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Harsh.TV Hot Spot Features - Charleena Maughan & Jerique Allan....

This is Kathryn Johnson, V10 Music & Sports Business/Communications Manager & Artist Rep.  Our personal company, Global Entertainment Services, has toured and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry; such as Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Fall Out Boy, Backstreet Boys and Pete Wentz with Black Cards. We’ve been involved in the music industry for over 20 years.  Jerique Allan has swag, style and a showmanship that lends itself to being a quality and dynamic performer. He would be a remarkable addition to any show as an opener or headlining club act!

Here is a link to his music, , which you can see by reviewing his EPK, how talented he is as an artist. Bad Boy is a Pop/Dance smash while In You I See shows his R&B ballad talents. Jerique Allan is definitely a remarkable artist with a wide range of experience and influences who is the European answer to the upper echelons of the American music industry!

“SPEECHLESS!!! Jerique Allan is really one of the most talented vocalists of the global electronic scene.... He was amazing for the 2 shows that we did with him in the Carnival! Thanks Nite Club and Mar Del Rosa their welcome ...DOUBLE SOLD OUT!!! And logo out the video clip of the song: "CHANGE THE WORLD WITH LOVE" said Luke 'n Hugo Sanchez from Brazil featuring Jerique Allan. Check out the video section at   to find Jerique Allan’s upcoming tour video dated 18 Feb.

His latest collaboration with DJ Kastilla from France will have radio support starting in!.

You will be truly amazed at Jerique Allan’s talent! Jerique puts his heart and groove into his music and encompasses so many various emotions and genres. His songwriting style & sound would work very well in today’s music, advertisement, marketing & spokesman industry. Jerique Allan would make a perfect addition to any company, booking agency, label, and publishing or distribution company. He is a gifted & talented songwriter, performer & collaborator!

v  Vocals for famous DJ’s as Tiesto, Robbie Rivera, Peter Luts & more
v  Latest collaboration with Joe K, Dancing in the Streets, theme song for the biggest game show in Brazil & highlighted on the media center for Brazil’s biggest airline
v  Huge hit with Robbie Rivera, “We Live for the Music” and “Your Door” featuring Jerique Allan
v  Vocalist for prestigious DJ, Peter Luts, for the hit song, “Can’t Fight this Feeling”
v  Produced by Luke Mourinet, from the producers’ duo Ruff & Jam, responsible for the success of Kylie Minogue's monster hit with their remix of "Love at First Sight"
v  D.O.N.S. feat Jerique Allan in "Groove On"
v  DJ Jeroenski feat Jerique Allan in "This Feeling"
v  Jerique feat Miles Dyson "Destroy Me"
v  Timofey & Bartosz Brenes feat Jerique Allan in "Hear My Call"
v  Mischa Daniels feat Jerique Allan in "Renegade"
v  Kid Massive feat Jerique Allan "I Dare You"
v  Madinshina feat Jerique Allan in "Rhythm is a Dancer 2010"
v  George Acosta feat Jerique "Round the Clock"
v  Tom de Neef feat Jerique "Move Your Feet"
v  Sabien & Alim feat Jerique "Naughty"
v  Patrick La funk feat Jerique "Give Me a Reason"
v  Phunk investigation & Paul Mendes feat Jerique "Complete"
v  Nick Mentes vs. Jerique "Distracted"
v  Steur Bros feat Jerique "Save Me"
v  Several writing sessions/collaborations with Red One (known as the producer behind Lady Gaga, Shakira, etc…)
v  Worked on a track with Herbie Chrislow, one of the writers for The Backstreet Boys
v  Extremely talented Pop/Dance/R&B singer
v  Gifted & relevant songwriter for various genres
v  Performed numerous times in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Switzerland, Berlin, Holland, Belgium & Brazil to name just a few

His EP Bad Boy/Rock It can be found @   

His latest collaboration with DJ Kastilla from France will have radio support starting in!.

We also have a female artist, Charleena Maughan, from Edinburgh who is absolutely brilliant! Her voice is strong, soulful and powerful. She is the updated version of Aretha Franklin; she’s funkier, more soulful and an incredible R&B artist! She is a wonderful and beautiful young lady with unlimited potential in the music industry. She would make a great collaborator to sing the hooks for a hit song! Her stage presence surpasses your wildest dreams! Take a look at her links and let me know if interested!

Charleena Maughan has done what only few independent artists can only dream about; she’s driven by her passion for music and her knack for knowing how to engage her fans. It is no wonder Charleena has quickly become the much-buzzed-about R&B/Soul newcomer. Charleena has spent the last 3 years growing as an artist, performer and songwriter. "Stop This World" has given Charleena a great introduction to the music world as a multi-talented artist and has garnered her a devoted fan base. Charleena is a 21 year old up and coming, fresh & funky Singer/Songwriter from the UK. With her distinctive voice, unique, & edgy style, she has caught the attention of music insiders from Europe and the US. Her music has created a buzz & her exposure grows ever larger. Charleena is not afraid to mix different styles to create a new and unique sound.

She is a girl on a mission!

Thank you in advance for your time & interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Kathryn Johnson

Business/Communications Manager & Artist Rep
V10 Music & Sports
Global Entertainment Services
LA Area Office

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