Sunday, 15 April 2012

Harsh.TV Features - June Caravel HOT Playlist....

They're already talking about June Caravel (BBC, NME, Visit London, London Macadam, etc.):

09/03/2012: June Caravel on NDR TV (Nord Deutsche Rundfunk) at 11'35"
07/03/2012: 30 seconds with June Caravel in M Magazine
01/03/2012: Interview in NR (New Reviews)
10/02/2012: Article in Italian Magazine Left (p.73)

09/02/2012: Article on Jam Magazine (Italy)

02/02/2012: Review from the Release Party in NR (New Reviews)

22/01/2012: June's new EP featured on Mouth Off Show Podcast

21/01/2012: Interview in Italian in Il Caffè

17/01/2012: Video of The Single Singers on The London A Cappella Festival site
07/01/2012: London Song on Radio Wey (Surrey)

04/01/2012: Review of the A Cappella Sessions EP in Ici Londres
10/12/2011: Interview on Harsh TV
10/12/2011: Interview about My Paris in Global Blue
27/11/2011: Interview about London Song in Vocal Blog
07/11/2011: London Song on Blog Filles Sourires
05/11/2011: Article in The Archer
17/10/2011: Article on London Macadam
06/10/2011: Article in Ham & High
29/09/2011: London Song on Ici Londres
22/09/2011: London Song Video on NME's website

16/09/2011: London Song reviewed on BBC's website
16/09/2011: London Song video of the Week on Visit London's website

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