Friday, 20 January 2017

Paul Baileys Album Review HOT, HOT, HOT !!!

We are giving this album the full ***** 5 stars it truly deserves.

Mr Bailey takes you on a musical journey, which is totally unexpected
From start to finish.
Kiss my Bottay - is very cleverly written, this up tempo catchy tune will have you singing the lyrics within the first few seconds on the song.

Paul then quickly takes you on a ride to Underrated, in keeping you with the great lyrics and hot production that has you bopping your head constantly throughout the whole track.

Then comes ‘find me somebody’ (Sava Boric Mix) with it’s sweet lyrics and great vocals by Paul, (especially when singing the high notes on find me another love!!!) makes this track equally as hot as the last track. Great mix by Sava Boric to.

Paul then escorts you right back into the funky groove with Mystery ( again we have to show love to Sava Boric ) we are loving this track, it’s one of those songs that you can groove to or chill out to. We had this one on repeat here at Harsh.TV a few times!!!

The System Funky Euro Mix we have to big up Paul not only on his vocals , but his production skills to wow, wow, wow this song transports you into to a meeting of the minds of questioning your own way of living within the system!! We are feeling this track so much.

Story - gives you a little something to think about most definitely , the production is as on point as ever.
Free - is one wonderful person's journey of being in this world and how they came to be here and what they and their family went through.

A Very powerful and Empowering song, with the facts of life taking you inside the heart and soul of Paul Bailey and his expression of feeling. Thank you so much for sharing with us Paul.

Melody - It was hard for us to choose a favourite track, but the production of this track and soft vocals kept pulling us back in we absolutely love this one Paul!!!

Daydreaming - we were sad that this was the last track on the album we just wanted more. This song transported us to another dimension we really love the production and vocals.

We have this album on repeat and would highly recommend it. The production, vocals and Lyrics makes this album definitely one for any music lover's collection.

Thank you Paul for letting us in on your musical journey.
With much gratitude

The Harsh.TV Team x

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