Thursday, 6 October 2016

G2 - Rider Girl

Just released a week ago, Rider Girl already gotten some some nice feedback and radio air play as follows. Links are attached for verification:
  • Aired on the Fresh Juice show on KVRU 105.7 FM in Seattle (Click here to verify)
  • Rotating on 98.2 The Beat (Click here to verify)
  • See the tracking report to review other air play and feedback (Click here to get report)
  • Quote: “I like this track G2! The best thing I've heard since Touchdown. Most definitely for the cupcakin' sessions. Im gonna have to put this on my next mix mayne,” – DJ Roxwell.
  • Quote: “Hey G2 I got you on this one. Would you be interested in an exclusive podcast interview? Let me know and I can hook it up.” – DJ Num One.
  • Quote: “Nice track. Can you send to me?” – Chando, Fan.

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