Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Be Inspired ! Read this great Journey by Paul Bailey

Midem is a conference I have been hearing about for yrs.

But ignorant to how long it as been around. It reached a 50 yr mile stone.

Yes 50 yrs longer than most people been alive. I was told yrs ago

about this Midem conference and why I should go and forget the American market.

Pursue the international market I was told much better for you! After looking

into it and realizing it wasn't cheap I put it off.

Fast forward to 2015 I met a music Administrator on line he decide he wanted

to represent my catalog of tunes for the world so I signed a deal with him.

Superb songs out of the UK. He also mentioned to me that he as been going to Midem

for 20 yrs and that I should go no one knows me was his words and they should get to know you.

Meaning the Industry people. I took him to task he would be going to Midem for the 50th


I knew i had to be there so with the help of arts Government I applied for a grant

that would be a reimbursement up to 50% of my total cost to go.

With everything in motion I registered at Midem set up my appointments

with the online data base. In addition won the rights to attend the global sync summit

invites only. Things were looking great! I got my airplane ticket and I was off June

3­6 Midem Cannes France.

Everything was fast while at Cannes but great not much sleep had to take

in everything as much as possible incl the night life scene. Cannes is BEAUTIFUL

RIGHT DOWN by the waterfront. We had a team dinner great to meet all those

people enough networking going on!! In one of my appointments I met a company

that does vinyls for those who want to put there music on vinyl. The are

called Diggers factory. They describe to me how the process works so I decide to give it a go.

I would say that Midem was a great experience I would advise those who are thinking

about it stop thinking and go the best investment is the one you make on yourself!!

With that said I need your help here is the deal I have from Diggers Factory.

Thank you and god Bless!!

I want to release my LP on vinyl and I need your help! Thanks to Diggers Factory, we need to

have 200 pre­orders to launch the production and we have 50 days to achieve this goal! At the

end, if we don't have enough pre­orders, people who already pre­ordered the record will be

reimbursed without charges. So there is no risk for you! It's a new collaborative way to help

musicians and create vinyl records together. With your participation, we can do it! My songs have

already been release on Cd but I wanted to put them on my favorite Platform Vinyl.­bailey­find­me­somebody

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