Wednesday, 1 July 2015

DEUCE is pleased to announce that the Deuce Radio Show is now being broadcast on 3 FM radio stations in New Zealand; Akaroa FMM.A.D FM and FM Te Anu.
Akaroa FM was set up as a tourist information radio broadcasting on low power on public frequencies some years ago.  Dave Edwards designed and built the station with his partner in the venture at the time; Bob Parker, who later went on to become Mayor of Christchurch.  Bob was then destined to lead the people of Christchurch through some devastating earthquakes for a number of years.
Station manager and owner Dave Edwards applied for and acquired licensed frequencies for Akaroa Radio and it now broadcasts on 90.3 and 90.1.1 MHZ allowing the station to cover a large geographical area, not to mention worldwide over the Internet via Stationplaylist.  

Akaroa Radio now broadcasts content and shows from all over the world, and you can listen to the Deuce Show  every Sunday at 8pm (New Zealand time) by visiting their website 
Dave Edwards from Akaroa Radio

M.A.D FM broadcasts live from West Auckland as well as streaming around the world.
The station brings you a variety of shows without commercial constraints, guaranteeing you a different sound without interruptions.
Broadcasting content that will appeal to all ages, you can listen to the Deuce Show on M.A.D FM every Thursday from 8pm (New Zealand time) or by visiting
Drew Choat from M.A.D FM

Broadcasting all over the Te Anau area on the 88.3FM frequency, FM Te Anu is a father and son radio station for the work place.

Playing a range of music from Easy Listening to Rock between the hours of 12.30pm to 6am.
You can listen to the Deuce Show every Thursday from 3.45pm (New Zealand time) if you are in the Te Anau frequency area.  More information can be found at

The Deuce Show is a weekly broadcast featuring bands and artists promoted by DEUCE and is presented by Matt Barker.  At present, we have 26 radio stations worldwide broadcasting the shows including the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and New Zealand to name but a few; 8 of which broadcast on an FM frequency.  
A full list of the radio stations broadcasting the Deuce Show can be found HERE and you can listen to all of the latest Deuce Shows by visiting or clicking on the logo below:

DEUCE would like to thank all of the radio stations that are currently broadcasting the show, and to all of the bands and artists that are helping support it, and we hope you enjoy listening to it!
For further information on how DEUCE can promote your music, please email or visit
Rob Saunders

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