Sunday, 10 May 2015

Harsh.TV Features The Very Talented *** Alim Kamara ***

A hip hop artist that captivates his audience with his realness by being both open and honest. His delivery has carried him to places such as Canada, USA and The Netherlands to name a few. He rocks crowds with energy and thought provoking lyrics that safely carry you through a roller coaster of emotions.

 THE GREAT MAN EP Alim Kamara released his EP The Great Man and it is now available on iTunes. The EP takes listeners on an intergalactic ride through the cosmos with extreme highs as heard on recent single Let's Get Lost featuring the velvety vocals of Sharlene Hector, a feel good song with a 90s R’n’B beat that holds the possibility of an “Us against The World” love. On the other side of the spectrum there is the extremely pensive and introspective Life I Live, which leaves you contemplating your choices in life and your existence. These are just two out of the seven wonders of this cosmic experience. Alim uses the voice of Tanzanian percussionist Saidi Kanda to interweave the stories he tells on the EP. Saidi Kanda brilliantly captures the transition from boyhood to manhood; blindly fighting trials and tribulations to discovering one’s purpose and sharing that with the world boldly saying; "Here I am. I am here to be great. I will do great things." To listen to The Great Man EP, visit: To buy The Great Man EP on iTunes, visit: To watch Alim’s latest music video “Let’s Get Lost”, visit

Y Raised in one of the most socially deprived areas in London, Alim made this a driving force to his chosen path in hope that others could be inspired by his choices. His initial university encounter did not pan out as Alim anticipated, simply because he signed up for courses he felt other people expected him to take. As a result, he was struggling thus earning low grades. As they say; at times, our talent(s) can be right under our noses. Well, Alim came to such realization when he found himself writing lyrics at the back of the classroom. Eventually gaining the courage to follow his dream to delve deeper into the world of expression through text and voice, he changed course and studied Creative and Media Writing. Alim graduated with a first class honors’ (BA) in what he loves doing; projection of words. At his commencement, Alim was given the opportunity to display his talent by writing the signature poem for the graduating class. In addition, to his poem being featured in the university’s yearbook, Alim was also awarded the Edna Fuller Prize for being an outstanding student in English and allied subjects who made a significant contribution to the university’s community. Alim’s presence shapes a ubiquitous form as he formidably blends between Alim the Orator, and Alim the Community Activist. This combination of all sorts makes for the perfect marriage of socially relevant commentary with effortless execution, tinged with fearless clout. Having already earned a reputation for excellence in community youth engagement, his ability to mesh seamlessly with diverse audiences and stimulate engaging discussions has spring-boarded great opportunities. From gracing the stage with international starlet BeyoncĂ©, to performing on occasions for the office of the Deputy Prime-Minister, Alim’s work has also earned him an invite to a reception by Tony and Cheryl Blair, not to mention several national awards ceremonial appearances under his belt.

AWARDS ACHIEVED - Impressive Mc/Entertainer award " Calabash Magazine" 2013 - Inspiration award: "Beffta Awards" 2012 - Best Motivational Lyricist "Sierra Leone Excellence Awards" 2011

LIVE PERFORMANCES Performing mama at limelight film awards Telling the Coffee story in a school An insight to A-Scholars; a charity founded by Alim, inspired by the art of Hip hop.

WHAT NEXT Our mission is to take this lyrical genius to higher heights. History has proven time and time again that it's the industry professionals, the fans and the audience that are the catalysts for artists gaining recognition. So Alim is reaching out to DJ’s, Bloggers, radio stations and all music lovers to help in any way they can to get his music heard. With plans for an upcoming show for The Great Man and with major supporters such as yourself, Alim also wants to gain more exposure on bigger platforms and the chance to secure an international tour. With a team in place, Alim is ready to take on the challenges ahead with full force, working with different parties and continually pushing that barrier just that much further.

CONTACT DETAILS Twitter: @alimkamara | Instagram: alimkamara | | Download the FREE 'Alim Kamara' Inspiration APP Apple Devices | Android Devices

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