Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mixing Tips

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What's good homie. Just wanted to send you an article I wrote about mixing that'll probably be useful. Here it goes!:

You are probably working on your own when it comes to your rapping/ singing/ producing career. This means you might have to wear a lot of hats in order to further your success. Besides rapping/ singing/ or producing, you might have many titles/job: Marketer, Performer, and Manager. But before you can put on any of those hats, you start a square one- you need to make quality records.
quality(qual·i·ty)- General excellence
In music, quality is not only determined by song arrangement and lyrics. Musical quality goes hand in hand with sonic quality. How do you achieve this? The answer is mixing. I’m going to give you 2 easy tips to making music of high sound quality. I will not get into specifics because mixing isn’t universal for every record. That and I don’t want to long of an article. But anyway, these tips will help you start thinking in the right direction when it comes to quality mixing.
“However the best thing to do is trust your ears. Lower the volume of your speakers or headphones, and really listen.”
Tip #1: Trust Your Ears- (Listen at Low Volumes and Make Your Decisions From There)
With the large amount of hardware, plugins, and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) available, its easy to get lost and rely on technology to get the sound we desire. The problem with that is that we start to forget the tools that will the really make or break a mix- our ears. Everyone struggles with this at some point. Even I still struggle with this on some mixes. However, the best thing to do is trust your ears. Lower the volume of your speakers or headphones, and really listen.
For example: If your vocal sounds too loud or soft, it’s because it probably is. If your vocals sound muddy and you can’t understand what you are saying, don’t expect anyone else to either. (As a side note, when changing the volume of your vocal/ instrument tracks, use the “3dB Rule”. This means you should change the volume in increments of 3dB, going up or going down, to get a general idea of where a volume should be placed. For example, if a vocal sounds too loud, lower it by 3dB to see how it sits in the mix. If it sounds to soft all of a sudden. That means the best volume is between the Original and the -3dB one.)
Also, if something sounds good, leave it alone. A lot of us have the tendency of moving stuff around (like EQ, volume faders, etc) because they look a certain way. Don’t let your eyes lead you to a good sound. Always put your ears first, even if that means having an EQ look really weird or your faders not set where they usually would be. Put your ears first!
For the rest of the article,check it out here!


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