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fik.tiv FILMS Presents: 'A LOVE UNDEFINED' - Please help support

fik.tiv FILMS Presents: 'A LOVE UNDEFINED'

Ever lost it all because you love someone undefined?


a fik.tiv™ FILMS x HDTAY FILMS production

'A LOVE UNDEFINED' is a captivating piece of a heartbroken creative forced to contemplate a final decision of leaving a seemingly absent relationship. Brought to you from an award-winning team, actress/writer/filmmaker Shema Jones & director/cinematographer/visionary Donte Pipkins, 'A LOVE UNDEFINED' aims to reach out to the brokenhearted, misunderstood, and striving to be individuals we have all encountered within ourselves or someone dear to us, one time or another. So again, we ask, have you ever lost it all because you love someone undefined?

Thank YOU...

If it weren't for life, friends, family, relationships, growth, discovering, we wouldn't have, 'A LOVE UNDEFINED', a difficult expression of love offered in this artistic form of film. So for that, we want to say thank you! We've even gotten the basics covered, but would love to include you all on the rest of this voyage. From this point, our amazing producers have created a nice buzz surrounding this production, including pulling together a well-rounded cast and crew, built long-standing relationships with known film festivals, drafted an easy flowing yet mysterious in-depth script, and so much more. So you're probably thinking, what could we possibly need you guys for then huh? Haha, well that's what we're here to explain. 
Below we'll give you an idea of our costs for this production. Noting, not only do we just want you all to be a part of this new-age spin on the short film indie industry, your support will keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible, ensuring the following:
Pre/Production [est. $1,500 - $2,500]:
  • Set Design is IMPECCABLE; helping this production give the most visually appeasing look & feel for its diverse audience 
  • Crew are HONORED; not only paid for their expertise & personal equipment, but also fed as they provide their utmost  knowledgable services 
  • Cast is APPRECIATED;  from crisp wardrobe, to rehearsal space, our cast needs to be in a certain space mentally for giving their best performance in this daring piece
  • Add'l Equipment for YOU; higher-end camera, improved lighting gear, and editing costs for an even stronger cinematic, big budget production experience 
Post Production [est. $1,500 - $2,500]:
  • Little-No Cover Premiere
  • Add'l Screenings Cross-Country
  • Film Festival Submission(s)
  • National & International Distribution 
  • Promo (posters, hard copies, goodies)

What Difference Are WE Making?.... An Impact:
'A LOVE UNDEFINED' not only explores heartbreak and relationship disconnect, it also ventures into a very present, national and worldwide crisis of domestic violence; while touching on a common but unfamiliar mental issue, borderline personality disorder.  With so much going on in our world today desensitizing our children, teenagers, and honestly, a majority of adults, this truth-baring piece will give some insight as to what goes on, why it goes on, and what can be done about it going on in a heart-felt, realistic manner. We want to protect our youth, our elders, and just as importantly, ourselves with truth, not just entertainment for numbers; 'A LOVE UNDEFINED' will do just that!
Connecting and bridging with organizations/charities providing help, answers, and/or shelter for domestic violence cases and borderline personality disorders,fik.tiv™ FILMS x HDTAY FILMS pledge to donate at least 3% of all proceeds collected toward 2 (two) organization's goals of furthering the betterment of humanity through their striving efforts to provide a safe haven for individuals seeking help. Hence, every bit counts, and know your support through donation will go a long way! 

Risks, & Challenges, & Obstacles....OH MY!

As with all projects, productions, releases, & creative ventures, there comes risks, challenges, and obstacles. Having such a diverse, knowledgable, & experienced team, we feel we're in a great place to tackle and overcome all and any seemingly strongholds/adverse areas. We're a team of faith & hope, in God & our abilities He's bestowed within us, we've either personally experienced or know someone whose experienced these situations, and are very solution-oriented individuals who think BIG. We truly believe, "if there's a will, there's a way", and we will actively utilize these beliefs on this path we're creating for great, honest, real content...and you know what, we'd love to have YOU on-board for the ride :)
With that said, nothing is too big for God!

    No Donation, No Problem | Other Ways YOU Can Help This Cause:

    And hey, say for some reason, you can't make a donation at this time, that's totally okay....we'd still love and appreciate your contribution by sharing our campaign for 'A LOVE UNDEFINED' via any social network you may be a part of, anyway you'd like! You're welcome to create your own posts for it, share via our Indiegogo links above, blast it via email to your friends and family, or simply tell a friend via word-of-mouth! Hey, you may even want to make a flyer for it, honestly, PLEASE AND THANK YOU! There is absolutely NO limit to sharing this production and bringing awareness to these real-life issues. Let's make some noise in our communities, sister and brother states, even internationally across the boarders and pond; remember this isn't just happening in our homes and neighbor's backyards, it's a global issue affecting many men, women, children, and animals in it's entirety. Help shine the spotlight on something that has been going on behind closed doors for too long now without the needed attention it deserves to heal these situations. 
    We at fik.tiv™ FILMS x HDTAY FILMS look forward to working with you all on this edgy, truthful production, 'A LOVE UNDEFINED'. Be sure to check back for important updates and links to information on how you can continue to help locally and directly with the organizations we're teaming up with for a supernova blast of good energy to end this epidemic ONCE AND FOR ALL! 
    Again, we can't do it all without YOU, so for now, later, and in-advance, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, & THANK YOU!

    fik.tiv™ FILMS ||

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