Thursday, 4 December 2014

Name: François Simon (Manager) 

Genre: Indie/ HipHop/ World Music 

Artist Names: Oberson Aristor aka ( Ded Kra-Z ) 
EDOUARIN ENIDE aka ( Princess Eud ) 

Artists Profile: They can brag to have great skills, strengths, exceptional performing techniques and the way they entertain and keep the fans focus on them and on the edge. That help them succeed and braking International Barriers. Through their voices, Performance on stage, Eud & DEDKRA-Z were able to have more than one popular hits singles during there career. Each one inviting you to groove, dance, smile and enjoy great music. As it is the case for this Singles with "HEY, A Dans MIZIK La, YAP PALE that you will find on their first album " LIMYEWOUJ ". Then WAYAN, EDEM, PA KITE MWEN on their second album entitled "JOUPAM" to name only those titles, the success of Dedkra-z & Princes Eud is the result of a long journey in the Haitian music scene opened for more than 7 year old. 

We just been Nominated for best " Wake Up " Artist at the Indies Live Music Awards First Edition in French West Indies Guadeloupe on November 27, 2014. With one of our hit singles " Edem " from our New Album " Joupam ". WWW.INDIESLIVE.COM/ilma2014pro/en.html 

Second Album : Joupam by Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z from Haiti. 
Synopsis of album: Joupam : Is a Indies/World Music Album that contain 15 tracks. Release April 2014. With Hits Singles​ 
​ like "Pa Kite Mwen". Video on youtube. Here is the link Princess Eud & Ded Kra-z Feat. Queen Bee - Pa Kite Mwen (Official Video), "Edem" Nominated Best "Wake Up" Artist with that song at the 1st Edition Indies Live Music awards in Saint Martin on Nov. 27. Here is the link DED KRA Z & EUDEDEM OFFICIAL, "Pa Anmerdem". Here is the link DED KRA-Z OFFICIAL VIDEO PA ANMERDEM -2013, "Yon Ti Logik". Here is the link Princess Eud Official Music video " Yon ti Logik " 2013. That also feature some Well Known local(Haiti) artists. How still of music is out of the ordinary and if you really know and love music. You will appreciate and learn to love there sound. Even when you may not understand what they are saying. How sound is braking barriers. 

Album Name: First Album: Limye Wouj by Princess Eu & Ded Kra-Z From Haiti. 
Synopsis of album: Limye Wouj Is a Indies/World Music album that contain 15 tracks. Release July 2012 . With three Hit singles "Yap Pale” Video on youtube. Here is the link Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z Yap pale Aug 2011. and "A dans Mizik la" also video on youtube. Here is the link EUD & DED KRA-Z A DANS MIZIK LA, "Hey" Video on youtube. Here is the link Eud - Hey (feat Ded Kra-Z). 

Twitter :@teamlimyewouj;@TaSavior; Facebook : teamlimyewouj 
instagram: @teamlimyewouj; reverbnation: teamlimyewouj; Soundcloud: teamlimyewouj 

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