Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Please RT *** Paul Bailey Music Model 3.0

Music Model 3.0

I have stated in a previous blog about a new platform 
this new platform as endorsed me to be an Ambassador.
Now I do not directly work for this company as an independant I outsource
for them in other words a scout.

The great thing is I believe in this company somthing I have been 
looking for my professional career. Investors for your music does that sound good
Who doesn't want an investor who doesn't need an investor we all do!
This new platform is simple. Join up upload your music follow all instructions
(Video tutorial for help) or FAQ/Help form available. Fill out all details of 
music descrpition. Upload a video to songs (Video will be provided if you don't 
have one) Content upload Content info and Rights info must be filled out.

Once you fillout everything a contract will be generated. This is an exclusive 
deal so be sure you have the rights to upload and make sure you understand
the 1 year, 5 year and life time usage all explained in the video tutorial.
Once you agree (Online signature) a link will be sent to you from Youtube
to promote to your fans the more likse the better chance to make the Global
200 chart if you do so a Promoter/Investor will eventually be on board to promote 
your songs for placement for highend deals. Just so you know last month
an uploader had  his song promoted and placed in a Toyota corolla commercial

paying 50.000 US... this could be you!

No garantees but you have nothing to loose it is all free if no promoter
is on board you can delete your song and get it back but be patiant
hundreds of Music supervisors are monitoring the uploads everyday.

So what are you waiting for upload my children follow this link:
http://gideen.com/a/c86300d  Wishing you all much success!!

Paul Bailey

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