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***Please Read - Pitch for TV Documentary & production***

We are doing a tour next year (the '86' tour) in Europe (Germany, Netherlands & Switzerland) in dedication to rock bands who toured back then without the technology that we have today (sat navs, mobile phones, wifi, CDs etc). 

We are looking for a production company or individual who would be interested in coming on board and filming the tour to make a documentary which can then be sold to a TV company.
The attachment is a 'pitch' for the documentary idea 

Please let us know if you'd be interested or might know someone who would like to get involved.

Many thanks and kind regards

Jordy - Tour Manager

JOANovARC - UK Female Rock Band

It’s 2014 when I think of this concept. On the road, with an all female band from the UK. JOANovARC.

We have a wifi hotspot in the tourbus, everyone is checking their emails, liking each other’s pictures 

on facebook instead of actually talking to each other and slowly it comes to me, we might have 

reached the point where you say: what the hell is going on..........

That made me realize and wonder, how would a tour have been like in the 80’s....In 1986?

I’m only involved in the entertainment and tour business since 2004 and always had the luxury of at 

least a mobile phone, navigation and other gadgets. 

What if we took those gadgets away? 

What if there were no mobile phones on tour?

What if there are no laptops on tour?

What if we do a tour, as a tribute to ALL those rock bands that DID it back then, and never even 

thought about it.... It’s hard to imagine in 2014, but it is possible.

So we decided to do it.....Plan a tour in 2015 that will take us back to 1986!

JOANovARC 1986 Tour.

NO wifi

NO mobile phones

NO laptops

NO navigation

NO contact with the world when on the road, just a phone call opportunity at the club or hotel.

NO Ipods but walkmans

NO cd’s, but good old cassettes 

How will a group of 6 gadget independent people respond to 3 weeks without all of their gadgets.. 

Sure, it has been done, going offline for a while. 

But we take it further and pay tribute to all the bands that did their touring like this. 

Everything that happens needs to be done like they did it in 1986. 

The venues and promoters can’t reach the band while on the road, the girls don’t have all their 2014 

makeup stuff on board either, just items that were available in 1986.

All of this can be filmed by a production team that makes this into a 86 minutes real life docu.

We have plenty of artists in our friends’ circle that toured the 80’s, they are willing to help out by 

giving interviews and anecdotes. This will make interesting TV I think.

Not only for the people who are curious if we can even do the tour like in 1986, but also for the 

people that wonder what it will do to 6 young people. 3 weeks without their gadgets that became so 

damn normal.

The tour is scheduled for the last 3 weeks of March 2015.

It will take us through the Netherlands and Germany from rock bars to biker shows.

There will be a special JOANovARC 1986 Tour facebook page which we will use for a lot of promo.

Also during the tour, that is the ONLY updates we can do on tour., Every day just one update, to keep 

everyone who is interested in the loop.

Other promotional ideas are welcome as well.

Could this be interesting for your production company?

If so, please let us know.

Jordy Duitscher, TJ-Concerts (12-8-2014) / 0031642308655

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