Tuesday, 9 September 2014

YouTube Violations - Written by The Wonderful Paul Bailey

YouTube as become one of the go to places for new artists today.
Radio will introduce you but YouTube will break you according 
to studies. It is a fast and easy way to promote your music, whether
be a full on music video, audio/video or still Photo video YouTube 
as become a personal TV  to promote to the world.

With all the new promotional tools available to promote your music/videos
one would assume the playing field is leveled .Promotional services popping
up left and right to promote your social media pages be it Facebook/Twitter/Reverbnation 
to increase likes and fan base.This would be considered perfectly legal a service offered
to help promote your Pages/Business. No harm done right? Most of these services
will offer x amount likes for a fee depending on what package you take.
The problem with that is after a certain amount of time the likes fall off.
Money wasted the views become generic no real fans all bots.

These services are taking advantage of our naivety and desire to become
famous over night.We are being ripped off fooled into believing these services
are beneficial but are they working or violating terms of services.

Case in point YouTube as a policy stating no third party services usage
to increase views  they prefer legitimate views with real people. It is the true 
way to go real people means real fans, real fans mean real support for your 
music downloads/live shows .Which will increase your brand fake views/likes
does nothing for your brand and  if you violate the agreement your video
gets taken down  which means you loose all those legit likes you started off with
and get a warning next time banned for life. Take heed artists here is the article.

With that said here are two new videos I would like real likes from and comments.
Peace and Love!

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