Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Check Out - Artist Ethan Paul Teel

About Owl-Eyes:
Owl-Eyes is the solo project of artist Ethan Paul Teel.  For years, Ethan has been writing and recording his own music. Not until recently was he given the chance to record the music on a professional level.  When he did so, Ethan discovered that a band name wass more marketable than just his name; Owl-eyes was born. Why? I am weird, I love being weird, I’m fascinated about those who are weird, like a pair of “Owl-Eyes.”
Owl-Eyes’ debut EP “Wild Child” mixes all genres of music. Ethan experiments with everything from pop, jazz, heavy metal, alternative, metalcore, hip-hop, punk, and so much more. Ethan Teel also plays regularly in several other bands and can be seen playing live in Kansas City and other Missouri towns. Appearances will be posted on this website when available.

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