Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stanley Alston aka The Alston Experience - My new CD "LIfe" Released

Stan Alston aka The Alston Experience
The trilogy has been completed – it has taken me ten years.  It started with the creation of the book titled ‘Faith, Love & Life” A Collection Of Poems and songs.  Each sub-title represents a musical CD “Faith”, than Love and finally “Life”.
Never before in the history of Literature or Music has an artist created such a work of art that will endure beyond a lifetime.
The CD has 31 songs – 15 cover songs of some of my favorite artist, and 16 original tunes
Written over a thirty-year period with the help of a few friends.  The bonus track and the 31st song is titled “Remember My Song.” which will be a classic.


  1. Hi Stan..Wishing you All The Best for the brilliant work and hope the experience is a happy one
    Wish i could join you sometime for a show..How about that? ha ha. Best.

    Val Johashen.

  2. Hi Val I got nothing but love for you. Also my music will have a 54 Nation World release out of the Uk on July 18th.