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Do You Have The Mindofalion?


I hope that this email finds you well. IAA are proud to introduce Mindofalion - a band with a truly fresh outlook on life. We would be very pleased if we could arrange a feature, interview, review etc with you - this band have an amazing story to tell as the below press release will show.

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You can download their track obstacle from the following link, for review/podcast/radio etc:

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Mindofalion – Thinking Outside The Herd

Self Titled EP and Tour Dates for Brighton Based Trio

Mindofalion are progressive thinkers.  They are a statement for individuality, art, inspiration and positive attitudes.  They exist against a background of travelled upbringing, and a desire to instil purity within their own lives and to stand against all they perceive is wrong with the world.

In many, this could be perceived as preaching – but brothers Jack (Drums) and Archie (Lyricist, Guitars) Brewis-Lawes, along with bassist Henna Malik, are doing anything but.  To them, their band and its ethos is a way of embodying their own beliefs and an expression of their state of mind, done alongside the passion of touring and performing.  If people appreciate what they have to say, then welcome, join the pride.

Originally from High Wycombe, the band are now based in Brighton.  The brothers spent the last 8 years writing music together, and have been active on the touring circuit for 6 years, developing as musicians and gaining a respected reputation within the music industry as a stellar live band, hard workers and great writers.  The band are all vegan, activists for the animal rights movement, and as humans have strong views on their own existence and their way of living – as detailed in their upcoming self titled EP.

Released on Friday July 18th, the record consists of three tracks of alternative indie, ranging from energy to ambience.  It tells a combined tale, incorporating the brothers UK housing estate single parent upbringing; time spent homeless on the streets; travels across the world, witnessing atrocity in 3rd world countries; seeing first hand extreme poverty during time sent in India; and their current existence in a western world that thrives off war and greed, a society built for a divide in wealth and power.  As people, as a band, Mindofalion are trying be the change they want to see in the world.  The release date of the record is also significant – as the anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, it is a date that signifies how an individual can change the world by standing up for their own existence and beliefs.  The EP is accompanied by a set of UK dates throughout July, culminating at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.

You could be forgiven for attributing all this to an overtly political band – but front man Archie views it differently:

"We express our views and experiences of the world through our music. Through these experiences we've seen the purity of life and we live by that as a state of mind. We exist as a band for the enjoyment of music, our views and who we are is filtered through our music - if you like the sound, that’s wicked."
Mindofalion’s self titled EP is due for release on Friday 18th July. Check out the track ‘Obstacle’ here:
See Mindofalion on one of their upcoming UK Shows:

02nd Jul - London, Water Rats
03rd Jul - London, Dublin Castle       
04th Jul - Worthing, Bar 42
09th Jul - London, New Cross Inn
11th Jul - Salford, The Eagle
12th Jul - London, Pavilion
19th Jul - Brighton, The Hope
23rd Jul -  Sheffield, The Green Room
2th Jul - Liverpool, Lomax
25th Jul - Sheffield, Tramlines Festival
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